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Fight To Win (Or Not To Lose)

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One of the more interesting questions in sports to ponder is what makes the greatest competitors so superior: Do they love to win, or hate to lose?

Perhaps it's one for some and the other for the rest. Maybe the two are really just the same thing. It's a question I can't easily answer, but I know in my case, one of the great challenges of my life has been to tone down my competitive nature, which is driven by an intense hatred for losing. Maybe it doesn't matter which motivates you, so long as one of them does. So long as you take it personally -- the winning and the losing.

My brother sent me a link to a YouTube link tonight, urging me to watch a clip of Larry Bird highlights. I ignored it for a while (I've seen Larry plenty), but he kept pressing, so finally I clicked through. And...

...yeah. I was glad I did. That's as sublime a highlight reel as you'll ever see.

As we prepare to tip into March Madness, I hope we see that kind of fierce competitiveness from Texas. Anything to win. Or not to lose.