Three Run Walk-Off Home Run Finishes Nebraska

I don't want to speak to early but this baseball team is starting to feel like a destined team. Whether its pitching or hitting they keep finding a way to win. Tonights game without a doubt had a magic finish to it.

Jungman was on and off all night. He started the game poorly after giving up a solo shoot to left field. The third through fifth innings were solid: four strikeouts in nine batters faced. Jungman's control started to slip away at this point. His sixth inning started well with a strikeout but ended with three runs given up off of two batters hit by pitches and another walked. He gave up a double in the 8th inning before Chance Ruffin came in and finished the game perfectly. Ruffin is as much of a guarantee as death and taxes. Jungman ended up with a respectable eight strikeouts. Despite high expectations, Jungman is still a pitcher and pitchers have on and off nights. He still fought for and deserved the win. Hitting was also touch and go. Etier and Shepherd both had rough nights but Kevin Lusson and Moldenhauer both drove in runs to compensate.

The best part of the first half was hearing Lost theories from the people behind me, the game didn't really pick up until the sixth. Texas trailed the whole game and entered the bottom of the ninth down 5-3. Montalbano, pinch hitting for Walla, grounded out to second. Tim Maitland, who hasn't seen much playing time this season, pinch hit for Shepherd and also grounded out. The Disch started to clear out with the Horns down by two with two outs in the ninth. Jordan Weymouth, who I honestly hadn't even heard of, took Etier's place and doubled to keep the Longhorns hopes alive. Keyes smartly watched four balls and took a walk. Cameron Rupp comes up to the plate like it's no ones business and smashes the first ball he sees over the right field wall. Three-run homer? Absolutely. Clutch? Absolutely. Made up for struggling at the plate recently? Absolutely.

Base-running was much improved tonight. No runner was caught off the bag or decided they were fine where they were and didn't want to tag up. We tried to bunt a couple times but fouled balls off or took strikes and then started swinging with a 0-2 count. The bunting game still isn't being used as effectively as it could. I would say something about Rupp dropping third strikes but he gets a free pass for the night... lets make that the weekend. He even gets away with having "What a Man" by Salt 'N' Pepa as his At-Bat song. Ya, It's that song: "What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man." Actually, Rupp is a mighty good man tonight.

Cole Green's start was moved back to 3 PM tomorrow due to weather because Rupp made it rain tonight.

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