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Quick Sweet 16 By the Numbers

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The best four days in sports are now behind us, and only 16 teams are left standing.

A few quick stats:

  • There are eleven different conferences represented by the 16 teams--ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Pac 10, Missouri Valley, Horizon, Ivy, West Coast, and Atlantic 10.
  • Big 10 has the most teams left with three--Ohio State, Michigan State, and Purdue. The Big East (Syracuse and West Virginia), the Big 12 (Baylor and Kansas St), and the SEC (Kentucky and Tennessee) each put two teams into the Sweet 16.
  • Big 10 and Big 12 have the most wins with seven. Big 10 had just five teams in the Dance to Big 12's seven, though.
  • No conference with at least two teams in the NCAA Tournament is undefeated.
  • In terms of winning percentage, Big 10 is best at 78% (7-2) followed by West Coast and Pac 10 at 75% (3-1), and SEC 67% (4-2). Big 12 has gone 7-5; Big East 6-6, and ACC 5-5.
  • In terms of seeds, there's three No. 1 seeds, three No. 2 seeds, a No. 3 seed, a No. 4 seed, two No. 5 seeds, two No. 6 seeds, a No. 9 seed, a No. 10 seed, a No. 11 seed, and a No. 12 seed.

Salt Lake City and Syracuse regionals are the Thursday / Saturday ones; and Houston and St. Louis are the Friday / Sunday ones.

In the BON ESPN Tournament Challenge, three entries are tied for first place with 460 total points but only one, "Longhorns 1127" has its champion left with Syracuse.

Post your own first weekend observations here.