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Final Day of Regular Season in the Big 12 & Open Thread

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The final day of the regular season is here, and there is still a lot to be decided. Kansas is your No. 1 seed but the other three first round byes are up in the air. Kansas State is in great position to finish in second outright, while Baylor, Missouri, A&M, and Texas are all still fighting for the final two first-round byes next week in Kansas City.

After needing overtime to defeat woeful Iowa State, I’m dropping Missouri into Tier II, thus making their home game with Kansas a toss-up and not a projected win. The Tigers have been flying under the radar all season and probably haven’t deserved to be a Tier I team in a long time. Missouri has beaten the three sub-par teams in the North twice each and handled Tech and Oklahoma State from the South too, but none of those eight wins are impressive. The only two wins of record are over Texas (in Columbia) and over Kansas State (in Columbia and on January 9th).

Let’s take a look at the final projected standings…

Team Actual Record Projected Record Toss Ups Projected Losses
1. Kansas

14 - 1

14.5 – 1.5

@ Missouri
2. Kansas State

11 - 4

12 – 4

3. Baylor

10 - 5

11 – 5

4. Texas A&M

10 - 5

10.5 – 5.5

@ OU
4. Missouri

10 - 5

10.5 – 5.5

vs. Kansas
6. Texas

9 - 6

9 – 7

@ Baylor
6. Oklahoma State

8 - 7

9 – 7

8. Colorado

5 - 10

6 – 10

9. Oklahoma

4 - 11

4.5 – 11.5

vs. A&M
10. Texas Tech

4 - 11

4 – 12

11. Iowa State

3 - 12

3 – 13

11. Nebraska

2 - 13

2 – 14

@ Ok State

Texas A&M at Oklahoma 11 AM ESPN With a win, the Aggies have a great shot at the No. 4 seed in the Big 12 tournament and a first round bye. A&M could move all the way up to the No. 3 seed with a win, a Missouri loss, and a Baylor loss. The Sooners enter the game as the coldest team in the conference having lost their last seven contests.

Nebraska at Oklahoma State 12:30 PM Big 12 Network This game means nothing for the Huskers. Nebraska will be the No. 12 seed regardless of its outcome. It means a little more the Cowboys, though. OSU is probably in the NCAA tournament right now, especially due to the weakness of this year’s bubble. However, winning this afternoon plus and a game in Kansas City would more than clinch their berth.

Kansas at Missouri 1 PM CBS The Jayhawks have already clinched another conference title and the No. 1 seed in the Big 12 tournament. They have probably already earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament too. The only question is in which regional. Kansas fans are hoping for Houston or St. Louis. Meanwhile, Missouri hasn’t looked good recently. The Tigers lost at K State last Saturday and escaped at Iowa State on Tuesday in overtime. Missouri is safely in the NCAA tournament already; however, a big win on national television would help their seeding tremendously. Right now, Missouri is probably a 7-8 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Texas Tech at Colorado 3 PM Big 12 Network If OU isn’t the coldest team in the conference, then it’s Texas Tech. The Red Raiders have dropped their last six games and have gone from a potential NCAA tournament team with a strong finish to a team hoping for an NIT bid. On the other side, and I may be one of the only ones, but I like Colorado. The Buffs have won two straight and should win this one too. A 6-10 conference mark in this league is not too shabby. Cory Higgins, Alec Burks, and Marcus Relphorde will make Colorado a tough out in the Big 12 tournament. With a win, CU would be the No. 8 seed and potentially face No. 1 Kansas in the quarterfinals.

Texas at Baylor 3 PM ESPN The outcome of this one could really jumble the race for the top four spots. If Texas wins, the ‘Horns would tie at least Baylor at 10-6 in the league. Missouri would also finish at 10-6 if they lose at home to Kansas as could A&M if they lose in Norman. If Baylor wins, the Bears finish at 11-5, in no worse than a tie for third with Missouri and/or A&M, and receive the No. 3 seed in the Big 12 tournament. More on this game later.

Iowa State at Kansas State 5 PM Big 12 Network In all these projected finish discussions, I’ve been giving this game to the Wildcats. However, if K State were to falter, they would finish at 11-5 and could be tied in the league standings by Baylor, Missouri, and / or A&M. A home loss on senior night to lowly Iowa State is unlikely though. ISU is the No. 11 seed regardless of outcome.

Big 12 breaks down all the tie-breaker scenarios. Check out the link as the games finish today. Locked seeds are No. 1 Kansas, No. 7 Oklahoma State, No. 11 Iowa State, and No. 12 Nebraska. The other eight spots are up for grabs.