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Bevo's Daily Roundup - April 12, 2010


Just for the record...Mack Brown does not hate Jesus.


It is always a a good day when the Horns beat the Sooners. Just business as usual.

And the Longhorns didn’t just make a point in Norman last weekend, they issued a statement that it’s business as usual in the Big 12 with a three-game sweep of the Sooners.

Awesome. The Horns have now won eight straight games.

"What I just told my team is that (Texas is) the best team in America," Kansas coach Ron Ritch Price said. "Nobody is pitching at the level that they're pitching at. And with their defense, even with their offense they're the best team in America."

 Rumors. Dallas wants Jordan Shipley.

You’ve no doubt heard the rumor that the Dallas Cowboys are targeting Jordan Shipley as their No. 2 pick in next week’s draft. I don’t believe it. One, they rarely take Longhorn players. Two, every NFL club lies or spreads false rumors to cover their tracks. That said, they’d be smart do it. I’m convinced the proven wide receiver/kick returner will play for 10 years.



Mike Gundy talks about spring practice.

It is time for spring football in Colleyville and the Aggies have big aspirations.

(Von) Miller, a senior, doesn't have plans to settle for eight wins in 2010. The journey, one the Aggies hope features a stop in Arlington for the Big 12 title game, began as their loss to Georgia in the Independence Bowl ended. With Oklahoma and Texas not fielding sure-fire national championship contenders, the opportunity for a division and conference title could be on the table late in the season.

"It’s time for us to put up this year, and we all feel that way. We all know the program, we all know Coach Sherman," Miller said. "It’s time to put up now."

A&M's Jerrod Johnson has emerged as one of the nation's top quarterbacks.

A sudden status as one of college football's premier passers and some early Heisman buzz. Neither will matter if he can't improve on his team's 6-7 record, and if it happens naturally, his own numbers.

"I have to work on my fundamentals, as soon as I got to college that’s what they said, and I think as a quarterback, you can never be too solid fundamentally," Johnson said, stressing his team's record landed higher on his priority list than breaking any team passing records.

Bobby Elliott is thrilled to be back in Ames.

Elliott, a former Iowa Hawkeye defensive back, still has family in Iowa City. His son lives in West Branch. His daughter lives in Kansas.

Now, all those family members can congregate at Cyclone games this fall.

Elliott's third stint as an Iowa State assistant feels right.

Bo Pelini is Mr. Fix-It.

"We’re just sticking with what we have in right now," Pelini said. "We haven’t progressed beyond because we have a lot of basic things we’ve got to get fixed and keep working on."

Pelini called Friday’s workout a "real good practice offensively." He demurred on the defense. Respective players from each side of the ball echoed Pelini’s sentiment.

Huskers Gameday says that Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez will give Will Muschamp fits.

Strange things go in Boulder. The spring game was no exception.

The Colorado spring football game started Saturday with the gold team engaging at midfield in a traditional Haka dance, which warriors in past centuries have used to intimidate opponents before battle. Clearly, this wasn’t going to be your typical CU spring game.


The big difference between Saturday’s game and the two spring scrimmages, as well as past spring games during coach Dan Hawkins’ tenure, was all the offense. It averaged 7.5 yards per play over an 94-play scrimmage that finished with the gold team defeating the black, 37-27, before 9,100 fans at Folsom Field. No word on whether the dance frightened the black team.

Missouri's Derrick Washington was impressive in the Tigers' spring finale.

A slimmed-down Derrick Washington rushed for 68 yards in just 10 carries and scored four touchdowns.

"It just seems to me like — and I’m not saying he wasn’t a fast, powerful runner before — but now he gets to a certain point and kind of puts it into another gear," said center Tim Barnes.

The Kansas State QB needs a bigger target.

When Carson Coffman looks at Kansas State's wide receivers these days, he feels confident.

With senior Aubrey Quarles and Minnesota transfer Brodrick Smith spread wide, and Oregon transfer Chris Harper lined up in the slot, the senior quarterback sees three big, physical targets on every play.

Mangino isn't in Kansas anymore. Everything is good in Lawrence.

First clue that Mark Mangino isn't at Kansas anymore:

No cussing.

"The first day, we kind of made a couple of mistakes," Jayhawks receiver Bradley McDougald. "We kind of all looked around at each other. We didn't hear anyone getting dogged out or getting cussed out."

There is some good and some bad in the Sooner offensive line.

"It’s okay," Wilson said. "I mean, we’re trying to just be more patient and, you know, stick with the run a little more, trying to be a little firmer and stronger in protections. There’s some good and bad."

The good is that they are collectively performing better.

"I think we’ve got a much better grasp on what we’re trying to do than we did at any point last year right now as far understanding concepts and issues and how to pick up things," Wilson said.

Lubbock isn't for everyone. Tommy Tuberville has had an adjustment period.

Tommy Tuberville has had some sleepless nights since arriving in West Texas.

He can't stop hearing the wind. It howls at night and blasts his family's new home with gusts up to 50 mph. Tumbleweed from nearby cotton fields blow all over the place.

"There's nothing to block the wind so when it's blowing [at Tech] it's double that out in the middle of the cotton fields," Tuberville said.

Mike Leach was spotted in Stillwater.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy welcomed a former Big 12 South rival into his huddle this week as Mike Leach paid a visit to Stillwater.

Leach, who was fired as Texas Tech's coach in December after he was accused of mistreating an injured player, stopped by Oklahoma State's spring practice as the Cowboys install a version of his high-powered spread offense.

How long will this last? The Sooners are working hard to b good.

Oklahoma contracted with a law firm to audit the athletic department over a five-year span as the school seeks ways to improve its rules compliance after two black marks in the past five years.

And the Land Thieves dropped all the basket weaving courses.

"If my guys can’t go to class, they’re not going to play," Stoops said. "You just can’t do it. The basket-weaving courses aren’t there anymore. We all have support systems. Even if a guy is behind where he should be, there’s enough support. If he tries, he can get degree."

OU wants the Red River Showdown to stay in the Cotton Bowl.



St. Louis Today has a great story about Sam Bradford.

What is the most over-rated college football program? A blogger in Seattle has his own formula. (It isn't a Big 12 team.)

Easy come, easy go. Boise State ran through those millions quickly.

All $2.8 million Boise State's football team earned from its Fiesta Bowl appearance has been divided up and athletic director Gene Bleymaier says it went quickly.

Do you need a five-star quarterback to win it all?

The NCAA is a tightly-run cartel.

I don't like Phil Steele's theory.

After several years of research I have found that almost 7 out of every 10 teams that rank among the top in the NCAA in players drafted struggle the next year and have a weaker record. I call it the Draft Day Party Hangover Effect.

The National Championship Issue looked at Steele's number crunching and wasn't all that impressed.


And finally...

The Aggies have a Youtube competition for guest coaches at the spring game. here's a candidate.

While searching for Agie videos, I found this. Enjoy. (Some language NSFW.)