The Acho Brothers: Incredible Story of Character

I am a waitor at a nicer restaurant in Dallas. Many celebrities and athletes come in to dine at this restaurant, and for the most part, treat others as if they are invisible. However this past Sunday afternoon at around 2 o'clock a party of 8 people walked in dressed in their Sunday Best. I noticed the two younger guys were pretty big guys and as soon as I noticed their faces, I knew it was Sam and Emmanuel Acho. Unfortunately I was upset that they were not going to be sat in my section. At my job, no waitor can pass a "greet", therefore the first waitor at the table must approach the table and get their first round beverage order. I ran as fast as possible to get to that table.

Due to the fact that all large tables had been taken up, the family had to be split up into two tables. I approached the table with Sam and Emmanuel. (Obviously) As I got their drink order I paused and said "Aren't ya'll the Acho Brothers?" They both looked up with a huge smile and said "Yes sir we are." I began to discuss how I have kept up with them since they were at St. Marks and so forth. After bringing back their waters I said "Well Ashley will be your server, but if you need anything my name is Clayton." Sam looked up and said "Well is there anyway we can sit in your section?" I was shocked and paused for a second and then said "Unfortunately my section is full but I will definitely come by when I can." Emmanuel replied "Please do, definitely."

By this time I was just freaking out that they wanted to even have more than a "hello." I didn't go back for about 10 minutes and ended up talking to them about what church they go to and all of that. Me being a Jesus man and 22 years old, we connected fast. I only talked to them for about 10 minutes total in time. As I went on about my business I walked by and noticed that the brothers were gone and finished with their meal, but their family was still there. My first thought was that they were bothered by me and wanted to wait out in the car for their family. I was wondering where they went. After about 20 minutes went by I just accepted the fact that they just had to go somewhere and leave faster than the family. Therefore I went about my business and didn't really think about it anymore.

After about 20 minutes of them being gone, I walk back in the kitchen and can see their table from where I was. I noticed that they had returned and were looking around. I went to go get some ketchup for my table and I hear "Hey Clayton!" and look up and they called me over to their table. I walk over there and they said "we wanted to give you something." Sam pulls out a white University of Texas autograph football with their signatures on both sides of the Longhorn and says "To Clayton" at the top. They wrote "God Bless you" and "Love ya man" on the ball as well. They hand me the ball and say "God bless ya man, it was a pleasure to meet you." I really was speechless. I could not believe that they would take the time out of their day to leave the restaraunt and go and buy a football and come back and give it to me. They litterally went and BOUGHT THE BALL and came back, the price tag still on it and everything. I was freaking out. I shook their hands two times each and said thank you about 10 times. They ended up leaving with the family about 10 minutes later and made sure to stop by and say bye to me again.

I really can not believe these guys would do such a thing. I am just a 22 year old college student. I am not a little 8 year old with a UT shirt on. I am not a kid with cancer or a disability. Just an average 22 year old that connected with these guys and they would do such a thing. I know our headlines these days are filled with DWI's and so forth, but I hope everyone takes the time to notice that even if we have a few nuts on our team, we most certainly have two outstanding young men playing on our defense. These guys made my whole week. I can't express what kind of example they set for me to be. The way the treated me and everyone around them. It was incredible.

Once again. I hope you all have read this story and realize that although there is crap going on with academic and legal trouble. Sam and Emmanuel Acho (and as well as many others on this team) have a character about them that is second to none. God Bless and Hook Em' Horns

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