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Texas-OSU Game 3 Open Thread

[UPDATE: Another Sunday, another sweep. Brandon Workman had a good start (6.2 IP, 3 ER) and the offense came alive again for a 9-3 victory. As bassale47 noted, the win gives Texas 16 straight wins and 14 straight in the conference. A sweep of Baylor next weekend would set the Big XII record. Kansas State lost at least one to Missouri ensuring Texas' lead will grow. More on another huge weekend later in the week.]

The last five games have been the most dominant stretch of baseball we can ever recall seeing. Maybe there's been a better run that the old timers can remember, but in recent history we don't believe we've seen a team put together the kind of pitching and offensive displays that Texas has managed consistently in over the last couple of weeks. It's one thing to dominate the Illinois-Chicago's of the world early in the season, but outscoring opponents 62-3 with 4 complete games and 3 shutouts in the middle of conference play is unheard of. Cole Green (9-0, 1.82 ERA) may be having the best statistical season of any pitcher in the country, which isn't bad for a guy who started the year as the midweek starter.

Yesterday's 5-0 victory was Augie's 600th at Texas, making him the first coach in NCAA baseball history to have 600 wins at two different schools. Texas also finally gained ground on Kansas State thanks to mother nature. The Wildcats had their first game with Missouri canceled, meaning KSU will play only 26 conference games right now (assuming today's double header goes off as planned). Around the country, LSU lost a double header, Arkansas lost to Florida and Arizona State lost, further enhancing the chances that Texas will be the #1 team in the polls on Monday. Anyhow, you know the drill. Brandon Workman on the mound at 1 PM going for the sweep.