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Texas Baseball: UT vs UTSA Open Thread

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[UPDATE: Texas wins 6-4 for its 17th straight victory (most since 1988) and Chance Ruffin becomes the first pitcher in UT history to have a 10 win season and a 10 save season. A big weekend ahead for the Horns as they could conceivably (not likely) clinch the Big XII crown with a sweep and KSU being swept. For now enjoy the 17th straight win. Baylor on Friday.]

Sam Stafford goes for his first collegiate decision tonight (again) against the Roadrunners of UT-San Antonio at 6:05 PM. One of the stories to come out of last weekend's sweep is some clarity to the Kevin Lusson situation. There was talk before the series of Jordan Weymouth getting a start at 3B after Augie pulled Lusson the week before. Alas Weymouth did not play this weekend, making Augie's position on the hot corner pretty clear: barring injury, Kevin Lusson will be playing. With Lusson we know what we're getting, okay hitting (last on the team in BA), but good power and above average at getting on base (fifth in OPS). His fielding percentage is abysmal, but his defense has been above average for long stretches this season. With only nine conference games left we find it unlikely that Augie replaces Lusson (again, barring a disaster) for the less sure-thing in Weymouth.

In other news, Cameron Rupp took home the Big XII hitter of the week and Cole Green took home the Big XII pitcher of the week for the second straight week (TexasSports writeup).


Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 6:05 p.m. Central

Texas: LHP Sam Stafford (0-0, 2.93 ERA)
UTSA: LHP D.D. Towler (1-4, 8.24 ERA)