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Texas Baseball Aims for Five Straight Sweeps - Game Three Thread

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Wow. Last night was awesome. You can get the story of what happened from PB here or a full recap from Texas sports here. Long story short, a fourteen inning duel of pitching staffs was decided by a Weymouth single that drove in Paul Montalbano. The extra inning heroics, in a game that lasted exactly four hours, gave the Horns a 2-1 win, their nineteenth straight. The Texas Baseball bandwagon is picking up steam. A packed lawn produced a 2010 attendance record of 7,903 and that’s not even counting packed fences and the right field buses. On BON, the baseball thread was one of the best in memory: 457 comments by well over 20 fans.

Cole Green reinforced last night that he is the best starter on our squad. This is pretty phenomenal considering the quality of his peers and the fact that he wasn’t even a starter in February. The Statesman reported that he hasn’t given up an earned run in over 30 innings. I’m still not confident that Green is as technically proficient as Jungman or Ruffin. He’s not going to make batters look foolish with killer movement but he’s got the arm to blow fastballs past you all game long. His endurance is unbelievable, the last time he was called out before the seventh inning stretch was March 27th. Cole just refuses to let batters wear him out over the course of a game. Green might even be the most valuable pitcher we have. I’ll leave that up to you to decide in a poll.

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Freshman Hoby Milner showed what he is capable of last night. When it became clear that Ruffin was visible fatigued from back to back showings, Milner came in and pitched four hitless and scoreless innings. If Hoby can consistently deliver performances like Saturday night's it is going to make a crucial difference with the probable loss of Green and Ruffin next year. Augie has stated on a number of occasions that Walla should see some innings on the mound next season as well. Have faith in knowing that Walla, Walsh, Weymouth, and Milner are all talented and now experienced ballplayers. 2011 should be a reloading year, not a rebuilding year.

Speaking of Weymouth, the infielder has done everything asked of him and then a whole lot more. Despite a small sample size, the freshman has ridiculous statistics. In ten at-bats, Weymouth has five runs, two singles, a double, two triples, and three RBIs. What he needs to prove to start a ballgame is well past me, especially with Rowe and Etier both caught in deep slumps. Jordan was the clear hero on Saturday night. This shouldn’t come as much surprise, as he has been playing the role of unexpected hero all season. Said Weymouth, "It was incredible, I was just waiting my turn and [Augie] told me to get ready in the ninth inning and then he said you are gonna hit this inning and I did and it was incredible." Garrido clearly has incredible trust in Weymouth’s abilities. On a side note, remind me to never question Augie Garrido ever again. Every game I have a couple "Why the hell did Garrido do that?" moments and every time things work out perfectly.

Sunday, May 2, 2010 - 2:30 p.m. Central
Texas: RHP Brandon Workman (8-1, 3.00 ERA)
Baylor: RHP Craig Fritsch (0-2, 2.89 ERA)