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Chance Ruffin as Starter? - Game Three Thread

There have been suggestions that Chance Ruffin should be moved from closer for the Big-12 Tournament and Omaha. Ruffin has been having a great year, going above and beyond the call of duty every time he has seen the field. As he is one of our top four pitchers--if he wasn't a Longhorn he would be just about any team's ace--it seems like it would make sense to play him on the mound as long as possible.

Personally, I think he should stay exactly where he is. Jungman, Green, and Workman are all more than capable at starter. There's going to be a point where one of them is losing control on the mound and that's exactly why we have Ruffin in the bullpen. When the LSU game spiraled out of control last year having a expert closer in the bullpen could have made the crucial difference. As a closer, he can pitch two nights in a row at exactly the points when we need him the most. I say "dance with the one who brung ya" and don't fix what's not broken. Chime in with your thoughts.