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Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 26, 2010

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Horns_bullet_mediumCole Green was named Big 12 pitcher of the Year and Augie Garrido took home the coaching honors.


Horns_bullet_medium Rivals breaks down the conference baseball tournaments. Watch out for the Aggies.

Why to watch: The Big 12 plays the round robin format that seems to be gaining steam around the country despite decreasing interest. However, there are several teams that could have their seasons made or ended by how they play in the tournament. Kansas and Texas Tech need incredibly strong showings this week to earn postseason berths, while Baylor could use a win or two to solidify a regional bid. Oklahoma, meanwhile, is aiming to solidify a regional host.

Leading the charge: It has to be Texas. The Longhorns have hit the ball with much more consistency down the stretch. That development is scary for opposing teams considering the Longhorns have pitched well for much of the season. With a national seed locked up, it’ll be interesting to see how the ‘Horns approach the tournament. But either way, their stud arms will throw. That makes them the favorite.

Don’t be surprised if: Texas A&M makes a run in the conference tournament. The Aggies finished the regular season with series wins over Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. The Aggies have been much more consistent at the plate and their pitching staff has been much better since reliever John Stilson returned from an injury. Keep an eye on right-handed pitcher Barret Loux, who will be drafted within the first two rounds in a few weeks.


Horns_bullet_mediumCrimson and Cream Machine has rolled out the hospitality rug for everyone traveling to Oklahoma City. Texas plays Missouri on Wednesday at 12:30pm. Watch it online here.


Horns_bullet_medium  Is the BCS guilty of collusion?

Still, why are golden tickets going to leagues that don't bring in additional gold? On Monday at the Big East meetings in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., Big East commissioner John Marinatto said losing the conference's contractually guaranteed automatic bid is a non-issue. But why should the BCS extend the ACC and Big East's automatic qualifying status the next time around if they can't bring as much to the table as the Mountain West? The argument that the AQ conferences are more valuable commercial properties than the non-AQs is entirely correct, but all AQs are not created equal. The Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-10 and SEC have pulled their weight for the BCS in the past five years by bringing in monster ratings and by filling stadiums. The Big East and ACC have not.


Horns_bullet_medium  Bob thinks Sooners are very attractive.


Horns_bullet_medium  There's a plan. The SEC cannot ignore the Big Ten.

Why not let the Big Ten do its thing while the SEC keeps doing what has made it so successful?

Here’s why: "If you are a commissioner your No. 1 job is not to take care of today," said former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer. "Your No. 1 job is to look at least 10 years down the road to where your conference is going to be and where the competition is going to be."

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive told me recently that the his conference will have a plan in place should the Big Ten expand to 16 teams, which could totally change the landscape of college athletics as we know it in just a few years. The SEC may never execute the plan, but there will be a plan.


Horns_bullet_mediumSophomoritis. The Heisman Pundit has the most promising sophomores. Two Longhorns made the lists.


Horns_bullet_mediumIt has been a tough year for OU basketball. Someone wants to give the Sooners the death penalty.

Say there's a school that has been found guilty of recruiting violations. I mean, ridiculous, intentional cheating. The NCAA busts the school, puts it on probation and life goes on. But before the probation ends, that same school -- exact same sport, different coaching staff -- is being investigated again by the NCAA, this time for an even uglier violation.

That's death penalty stuff, right?

That's Oklahoma basketball.


Horns_bullet_medium  EDSBS has Great Moments in NCAA Sanctions History. Just in case you have forgotten the latest round of Sooner football malfeasance. (The BON legal team will probably opine on my use of the word malfeasance.)


A Tribute to Barry Switzer, Part One.


Part Two.


Beat the hell out of the Tigers. Again. Hook Em.