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Big XII Tournament Day One: Texas Game Open Thread

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Texas looks to continue its theme of owning MIssouri from last weekend by taking care of the bottom-seeded Tigers in Game Two of the Tourney.

The Texas Sports preview lists Hoby Milner as the starter, which makes sense as Augie doesn't want to throw Jungmann on four days' rest at this point in the season and certainly not for a game like this--no disrespect to the conference, but these Longhorns have bigger fish to fry.

That said, it's not like Milner (with his 0.96 ERA) is some slouch. Texas certainly hopes to work off the mojo of the offensive explosion Sunday that led to 20 runs in Columbia in order to give the freshman hurler some support.

If you can get away with it at your workplace, you can watch the game live here.