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Big XII Tournament Day Two Open Thread

Just two games today, so Texas will share one open thread with the other game. Texas vs Tech is at 3:00 PM, followed by A&M vs Mizzou.

Tough loss yesterday for the Horns, but it's not a huge deal. Hoby Milner was tossed into a pressure-packed postseason situation for the first time and the results were mixed, but the important thing is that when Augie needs him in the big tournament, it won't be his first rodeo. The offense was a bit lame, but that's the great thing about baseball--you get a chance to get better the next day.

No official word on the starting pitcher, but we expect to see Jungmann, followed by Green on Saturday against the Aggies. That would leave Workman available if Texas gets into the championship on Sunday, which is still a strong possibility.