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Some Texas Baseball Postseason Thoughts

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Overall, Texas fans should be happy with the draw. Sure, Rice is a tough match-up for Texas  no matter how good or poor a regular season the Owls had, but the rest of the Regional certainly seems manageable. The NCAA didn't do TCU any favors with Arizona and Baylor in its bracket, so we wouldn't be shocked to see someone else should the Horns advance to a super regional. Looking at the top eight seeds, we think Florida, Georgia Tech and Arizona State got pretty good draws while the UCLA Regional (LSU, UC Irvine, UCLA, Kent State) appears to be the toughest by a fairly wide margin.

Three big questions entering the post season:

  1. Can somebody get Brandon Loy some steroids? By all accounts Loy is improving and experiencing less pain, but we'll have questions about the health of his shoulder until he steps on the field healthy.
  2. Augie ain't worried, should he be? Augie said that "Even the lion will pass up a kill if it just ate." Besides reminding us why Augie is the most charismatic coach in college baseball, Augie's explanation for Texas' struggles in the Big XII tournament makes sense. If it's true. As we've been preaching, the Horns haven't played a meaningful game seemingly in a month, time for the lion to hunt again (nice, eh?)
  3. What's eating Cole Green? Green was fantastic in the regular season but hasn't been extremely sharp in his last three starts. Hopefully the start of meaningful baseball will restart the junior's motor.

Full bracket can be found here. Austin Regional schedule to be found here. First pitch is Friday at 6:30 PM. More detailed breakdown of the bracket a little later in the week.