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Texas Baseball: Rubber Game Open Thread

Cole Green and the Longhorns exacted revenge--and then some--against the Wildcats yesterday for ending the epic winning streak. Today, Brandon Workman looks to run the New Streak to two. Yesterday's conference championship clincher means that from here on out, Texas is simply playing for a national seed and momentum. A guarantee that the Longhorns' road to Omaha goes exclusively through Austin is a worthwhile reward, however, and it's ours to lose.

Note: this thread is being put up on a timer on Saturday night, so if the weather in the Little Apple turns out to be as bad as it's predicted to be there may not be a game. In such event, please use this open thread to discuss the following topic: teams in major sports whose uniforms have undergone very few changes over a long period of time. Those teams rule. (Except the Yankees.)

[NOTE: Also consider this your open thread for the Texas-Georgia softball game, being televised at noon today on ESPN.  It's your #12-ranked Big 12 Champion softball team, so show them some support! --BZ]

Hook 'em!