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Texas Baseball Wins Rubber Match Against KSU

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Texas Baseball took the rubber match on Sunday with a tight 6-5 win over Kansas State. The first inning was a home run competition with Walla, Moldenhauer, and Keyes all hitting solo shots early. The Wildcats quickly responded with a homerun of their own in the bottom of the first. Workman didn’t have his best performance of the season, letting up four more runs to put the Horns down 5-3. He was eventually relieved by Hoby Milner, who had another excellent outing. Kevin Keyes continued to take advantage of a small ballpark in the sixth inning with a second homerun. The right fielder now leads the team with eleven homeruns. With four RBIs on the day, he continued his hot streak and was, without a doubt, your game MVP. Not surprisingly, Chance Ruffin successfully closed another game for the Horns and earned his eleventh save. 

This is your victory celebration and Mother's Day (in case you forgot) thread. The tower will be burnt orange for the second night in a row to celebrate Texas Baseballs' fourth Big-12 Championship in the last five years. The Horns have the week off until a Sunday doubleheader against Louisiana Tech. On the other diamond, Big-12 Champion and #12 Texas Softball suffered a tough 9-0 loss to #10 Georgia. Finally, some good quotes from Stayton Thomas about his mother:

Whats the best piece of advice your mother gave you? "Don't cross me. That was pretty much the philosophy I lived by for 18 years."

What is the best gift you've ever given on Mother's Day? "I did hit a home run for her. I was either 15 or 16, and I had just started playing summer league ball. We were playing in a Mother's Day tournament and I told her that I was going to hit a home run for her and sure enough my last at bat I did. " (I don't want to know what would have happened if he didn't hit a homerun.)