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Texas Baseball: Horns-Frogs Open Thread

Texas, Pac-10, Nebraska, America, conference!, blah, blah, blah. Got your attention? Normally June is Texas baseball's time to shine with summer football practice a not-too-distant second place. Today, America-loving Texas Longhorn fans everywhere see the first game of the Texas-TCU Super Regional as the fourth most important story of the weekend behind the Pac-16, the Rematch of 1812, and Trojan-gate.

Today's game will be at 2:00 on ESPN2 -- hurray television! -- and will probably see Cole Green on full rest -- rather than Taylor Jungmann on short rest -- versus TCU freshman phenom Matt Purke (13-0, 3.40 ERA, 122 Ks in 95.1 IP). Full weekend's schedule is here, Miami-Florida, CSF-UCLA, and Florida State-Vandy start today. Join us inside as the Horns continue their run to Omaha.