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Texas Baseball Loses to TCU; Do-or-Die Saturday & Sunday

Texas ran into a buzzsaw with a ridiculous-looking hat today, as TCU freshman hurler Matt Purke frustrated Longhorn hitters all day. The word "frustrated" is particularly apt, as the story of the day was Texas batters getting ahead in the count against Purke to the tune of 2-0 or even 3-0 only to fall victim to strikeouts.

Cole Green and Stayton Thomas were solid, as holding a very good college baseball team with their aluminum bats to 3 runs in a game of this magnitude is often enough to win. Not today, though, and Texas will now try to force a Game Three with Taylor Jungmann presumably on the hill in Austin. TCU will be the "home" team for the 12:00 Noon CDT start on ESPN. Part of the country will get Vandy-Florida State on ESPN instead; if you find that is the case in your area, you can catch Texas-TCU on ESPN3. The USA-England World Cup game does not actually kick off until 1:30, so unless you really want to see all the pregame coverage you have an hour an a half before you enter Channel Flipping Hell.

No doubt this was a tough game to watch, but keep in mind that Texas' most recent national championship in 2005 came after a Game One loss to Ole Miss in the super regional. The Longhorns have won two games in a row many, many times this season and there's no reason to believe they can't do so again this weekend.