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Dimecoverage Appreciation Thread

I've been wanting to do this for a while now (and so have several of you; thanks for the emails), and today we shall.

This is your thread to thank dimecoverage for the amazing work that she does keeping all of us informed on all the Longhorns news that's fit to print. Dime, let me be the first to say that I am amazed and grateful for the incredible posting you do and am delighted to have gotten to know you over the past two years. Thank you so much.

As you can see, there are many of us who feel the same way:

I've said it before, Dime is the ‘backBON' of Burnt Orange Nation. She gives fans of the site reason to visit everyday as well as that all important gratifying feeling that they are in the know in regards to all things Longhorns sports-related. Her Daily Round-Up posts provide one stop shopping for the time-starved Burnt Orange fan who is hungry for news. Her contribution is critical to BON's success.


I think most people who follow BON regularly know that one of the most indispensable aspects of our content is Bevo's Daily Roundup, dimeocverage's compendium of everything worth knowing in the Burnt Orange universe and beyond. It even extends behind the scenes, where I'll often find in my inbox important little bits of news I would have missed otherwise -- it's hard to overstate how much her work to keep everyone informed means not only to the larger BON community, but also to all the other writers here as well. Many thanks, DC!

--Ghost of Big Roy

When Dime first started doing the report I thought it was a fine addition. Now she has transformed the news sifting to an art and created a BON institution that we can't do without. Amazing tenacity and work ethic.


Long before I started writing here, I got into the habit of checking BDR at the start of my first morning break . I enjoyed reading it then and I enjoy it even more so now that I know what a dedicated and thoughtful person you are. As the backbone of BON, be certain that your work is appreciated by every Longhorn who stumbles across our site.


Hey DC, it's been great working with you here on BON. You were an absolute superstar during the realignment madness, as you were the best source, bar none, for all realignment-related news out there. (And I should know!) Thank you for all the wonderful work you do keeping us informed on all thing burnt orange!

--Hopkins Horn

Few things can bring Texans together quite like their favorite sports and their favorite university. Certainly, you do a lot to keep us informed, but you also do something more important. Whether you have meant to or not, you've given born and adoptive Texans a reason to join together for a few moments every day and talk about the things that matter to us. In doing so, you've made a lot of us feel closer to home. Thanks for that.

--learned hand

Dime is the only news source a Longhorns fan needs. She's as trusted as Cronkite ever was, but since he only reported on boring stuff, I give her the edge for GoaT. Let's get this woman a Pulitzer, already.

--Horn Brain

Dime is one of the most diligent writers on this blog.  Not only does she compile a wealth of information for her popular BDR posts, she regularly shoots out emails with links and comments about all things Texas sports to the rest of us.  She is always a pleasure to exchange comments with and always has intelligent contributions to any subject we're discussing.  I know she has always been a patient helper for me, especially when I bumbled through my first year writing on the front page for BON, giving me ideas on what to write about, offering to help with graphics, and contacting other parties for input.  She's truly a team player, and from myself personally, I'd like to thank Dime for all of her hard work.  I'm sure the rest of the community feels the same way.

--The Elusive Shadow

A giant thank you for your tireless efforts at covering Longhorn news on the internet. Your research saves us all countless hours of surfing, and you have just the right knack for capsulating the key quotes. I also want to say that it's great to have a female perspective on things - it helps to keep it real!

--burnt in ny

Before I knew anything about Dime as a person, I already appreciated the fact that she is the Human Google Machine: Texas Edition. I never have to look around for Longhorn news because Ami does the looking for me. Working with her in this authors' group for some time now and getting a glimpse of who she is beyond the Roundup, I have gained tremendous respect for her personally as well. She has a genuine, unequivocal love for all things Texas along with a sly sense of humor and a boatload of talent as a writer. Tack on that she thrives as the only lady in this boys' club of Longhorn nuts, and it's easy to see why I love working with Dime and look forward to doing so for a long time.


Feel free to add your own notes in the comments below.