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Bevo's Daily Roundup - July 1


Horns_bullet_mediumThe Ft. Worth Star-Telegram has another great story on the Acho brothers.

"The Acho family is a very serving and giving family," Muschamp said. "They realize they are very blessed with the opportunities they have and they are trying to give back. It says a lot about the kind of people they are.

"Tony Dungy wrote a book about how successful people are uncommon. They are certainly an uncommon family because they are smart, giving, serving and motivated people. It's really impressive. They are outstanding players, too. That's tough to find."


Horns_bullet_medium An anonymous donor honors the 2009 team.

The tribute features a small brick tile for each player and coach with his name on it, as well as a large central tile with the inscription: "In recognition of the 2009 Big XII Champion Longhorn football team, for an exceptional season, for representing the University with pride and class and for never giving up."


Horns_bullet_medium Time for a quiz. Who spends the most money on football? What program makes the most money?


Horns_bullet_medium  Aggie QB Jerrod Johnson talks about the upcoming season.



Horns_bullet_medium  Some interesting off-season reading. ESPN's David Ubben, Pat Forde and John Lukacs write about strength and conditioning history and the importance to the game of football.


Horns_bullet_mediumShould everyone just switch names

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Shakespeare could probably slap together a farcical three-act based on the names and numbers of three major conferences.


Horns_bullet_mediumTommy Tuberville has company in his opinion about the Big 12 Lite future. Bruce Feldman even agrees with him.

Will the Big 12 be around for a while?

It won't even be around after the next round of TV contracts are signed. I wouldn't bet on many conferences at this point. The super conferences are out there, somewhere, unless the big boys can make so much money off their own TV networks that they remain happy with what they have.



Horns_bullet_medium  Kevin Durant is worth every Land Thief penny.

Durant is more than good for this team. He's a good for this community, too.

He has been nothing but an upstanding citizen. Not only has he never been on the police blotter, but he's also been a champion of Oklahoma City. He's never dogged the city. He's always proclaimed his love.

That's big. This is a world-wide star who could bemoan the fact that he's in one of the NBA's smallest markets. But Durant has always given the indication that he's pleased as punch to be in Oklahoma City.

In every way, Durant has earned every last dollar of a max contract.



Horns_bullet_mediumIt is inevitable. Rutgers is selling naming rights to their stadium, just like the Red Raiders. Will DKR one day be Insert Corporate Name Here DKR- Memorial Stadium?


Horns_bullet_medium  This is some Cornhuskers' very bad literary attempt to characterize the relationship between Nebraska and Texas.

Two long-separated cultural brothers joined, at long last, after nearly 100 years of football. One perfected the wishbone. The other perfected the less-structured, more fluid option. Each enjoyed fan bases unusually in love with bold colors. Both employed uncharacteristic mascots: A gigantic, horned cow excellent for lean eating and breeding; and a shaggy-haired, overall-wearing field worker with a perpetual smile.

Just a warning before you click that link...It gets worse.


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