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Texas Baseball: Horns-Cajuns Open Thread

Now starts the real tournament. About this time last year we were settling in for a lovely evening -- which turned into a lovely morning -- of baseball against Boston College. Hopefully the Horns will take 16 or so fewer innings tonight to finish off ULL. The Rajun Cajuns beat Rice 1-0 with a whale of a performance by pitcher Zach Osborne. Today should see Saturday starters TJ Geith (6-1, 4.79 ERA) versus Cole Green, and both teams will have fully available bullpens thanks to complete games by Workman (130 pitches) and Osborne (135 pitches).

Anyhow, to put us in the right spirit today, here are some pretty great quotes from Rider on the atmosphere at UFCUDFF:

"It was pretty new to all of us. I was pretty excited and it was really cool to play in front of that many people." -- Rider 2B AJ Albee.

"I thought it was a very professional crowd. When Mike came off the field I thought it was very classy how they treated him. After seeing how hard he battled I thought the fans were very classy, especially knowing how proud they are of their team. I was very excited to hear that." -- Rider coach Barry Davis.

Enjoy the game.