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NCAA Tourney Day Three Open Thread

Now that the tournament has gone from 64 to 48 teams, things begin to get interesting. #4 Coastal Carolina is the only national seed facing elimination today after a 16-6 shellacking by College of Charleston, and Cal State Fullerton is the only other 1 seed in trouble. Rice-ULL begins at 1:00 followed by Texas and the winner of that game at 6:30. Aggy-Dartmouth, LSU-UC Irvine and Oregon-Connecticut are just a few of the more interesting early matchups before things get real fun later tonight.

Full day's schedule here. All of the games (all of 'em, Texas too) not on ESPN here.

Finally, in case you missed the game last night the picture below of Chance Ruffin (courtesy of after his strikeout to end the threat in the 8th tells the story of what these games mean to the Horns.