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Bevo's Daily Roundup - July 16, 2010

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49 days (give or take a few hours).

Horns_bullet_medium We love pictures. The Dallas Morning News breaks down the Horns' 2010 season with photos.


Horns_bullet_mediumThis isn't an issue of national security. Everyone is denying everything, but it seems Maryland and Texas are talking.

Multiple reports are claiming that Maryland and Texas have agreed to play each other, first at FedEx Field in 2014 and then in either Austin or Dallas in 2015. Eaton denied that such a deal is in place and said that the discussions between the two schools about a potential future matchup do not involve either of those two seasons.


Horns_bullet_medium  The Cornhuskers have reconsidered their position.

Nebraska has decided to remove the words "Beat Texas" from a website and video that eventually will be part of an athletic department fan site.

The site,, which doesn’t go live until mid-August, has attracted national attention with a promotional "splash page" that features a video highlighting the buildup to the Oct. 16 home football game against the Texas Longhorns — with the slogan "Wear red. Be loud. Beat Texas."


Horns_bullet_medium  Nebraska doesn't really want to beat Texas.

"If you look back (at the planning process that started in February), maybe we should have left out 'Beat Texas,' to be very honest," Boehm said on KLIN's Jack and John morning show. "It's simply a logo and a call to gather all of our alumni around the world. We thought it would be kind of fun, unique and different. ..."


Horns_bullet_mediumESPN's David Ubben posted some of the more entertaining responses to his post about naming the Oct. 16 matchup between Nebraska and Texas. Nothing is sweeter than an amicable divorce.

Steve Heinen in Tulsa, Okla., wrote: The Texas/Nebraska game needs a name that pertains to a nasty divorce or break-up, like: The Bad Break-Up Bowl, The Good Riddance Game, The Divorce Court Cup, The Woman Scorned War (exaclty who scorned who?) The Sayonara Shoot-Out


Horns_bullet_mediumBarking Carnival has some advice on dealing with pests. The two-legged, cleat wearing kind.

I found a scorpion in my house the other day returning from work. Every summer they resiliently appear and this one approached with me claws out and tiny stinger raised high. It’s doubtful he was even aware of my presence or his impending demise…whack!

I expertly dispatched him with my shoe. I know I’ll have to repeat that process some day, but hopefully not with a centipede on carpet. Killing a 6 inch centipede on carpet is one of the more unpleasant and discomforting duties you can face in Texas. Dealing with Aggies when they have anything close to a competent football team is another.


Horns_bullet_medium  The Lost Lettermen compiled a list of the top 10 most powerful college football boosters. Joe Jamail and Boone Pickens made the list.


Horns_bullet_medium  Think positive! Rock M Nation attempts to bring some sort of reality check to Missouri fans.

In case you haven't heard, Gary Pinkel has never beaten Texas or Oklahoma. I say this only as a public disservice to those who have somehow managed to avoid being beaten over the head by this storyline for the last few years. But if traditional message board hubris is any indication, 2010 is the year Pinkel gets past that hump.

Yes, Missouri has a nice opportunity to get a crimson and cream monkey off of Gary Pinkel's back in 2010, but given the chances he had in 2007, this may not even be the best shot he's had in the last four years. As I told another blogger earlier in the offseason, Missouri has the ability to beat every team on the schedule. But having the ability and actually being able to pull off the improbable are two very different animals, so it may not be wise to prematurely assume that the Oklahoma monkey is guaranteed to hop off Mizzou's back in 2010.


Horns_bullet_mediumThe Big 12 will play some defense this season.


Horns_bullet_mediumThank you, Colorado. Did you know the Buffs created the Big 12 conference?

Read this in a Daily Oklahoman column during realignment-palooza: “Texas and Oklahoma basically created the Big 12. Those schools' athletic directors went to New York, priced the new league with the networks and advertisers and came away with a winner.”  That is 100 percent hogwash.  Back in 1994, those two schools weren’t exactly national players at the time and no one from the Big 8 was kowtowing to any school in the now-defunct Southwest Conference.  Perhaps their AD’s were assigned to visit New York, but if so, they were sent as delegates for all.  The truth is most of the schools had a hand in expanding the old Big 8 and creating the new league.  Then-CU athletic director Bill Marolt addressed the above:


“The Big 12 was created when CU was sitting in the chair of the Big 8.  All of the decisions related to the conference and the television deals were done at meetings of all members of the 12 eventual schools.  I was chair of the athletic directors and Jim (Corbridge, CU chancellor) was the same for the faculty reps.  As you know the chair controls meetings and the agenda so both Jim and I were intimately involved.  It’s too bad (former Big 8 Commissioner) Carl James is no longer alive because he would confirm our role and quiet the historical revisionists.”


What will confirm it is the Regent vote in December 1994, where after being invited to the Pac-10 Conference, the vote was 6-3 to stay put, solely because Colorado had played an intricate role in the development of the Big 12.  Had we not, we would have bolted then; it was an integrity issue.



Horns_bullet_mediumKendall Hunter will love the Pokes' new system

It will be very interesting to watch how new offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen uses the Cowboys' running back. We all know Holgorsen's pass-happy Texas Tech and Houston background.

But that should be a good thing for Hunter considering he has great hands and extreme quickness.

The more times they can get the ball in Hunter's hands the better.


Horns_bullet_mediumHere's one person who likes Norman. Josh Heupel isn't going anywhere soon.


Horns_bullet_medium  Another former Kansas athletics official has plead guilty.


Horns_bullet_mediumYou just can't stop them so why even try?

It’s a rule proposal that has coaches laughing.

"Why legislate something that can’t be enforced,” Virginia Tech men’s basketball coach Seth Greenberg said while watching a summer tournament down in South Carolina.

The NCAA’s Division I Recruiting and Athletics Personnel Issues Cabinet has come up with the brilliant idea of trying to pass a proposal that says college coaches won’t be able to give scholarship offers to recruits until July 1 just prior to their senior season in high school.

It’s comical.


Horns_bullet_mediumWere you paying attention during your four five six years on the 40 acres? Who was W.A. Tex Moncrief and why do you care?


Horns_bullet_medium Always try to help someone in need.


Horns_bullet_medium Happy Friday. Roll Left!


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