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Independence Day Bonny Award: "Austin's Best Burger"

Other than the whole Independence thing, the Fourth of July is about fireworks, sun, beer, and red meat. It just so happens that Austin is incredibly good at the last thing on that list. Austin deserves to be the Live Music and Burger Capital of the World. Not only is it obsessed with great food, but it is located in the heart of cattle country. No matter where you live, there will be a burger joint in your neighborhood. Take pity on local vegetarians. I'll share my favorites and if you are an Austinite, share your own. Ex-Austinites, some of these places have not changed since DKR was prowling the sidelines so chime in too. 

I remember hearing that the school tried to bulldoze Players when it built the AT&T Conference center next door. That would have been a sad, sad day. Player’s burger is exactly what you would expect from looking at the outside of the restaurant: simple, delicious, and incredibly greasy. The owners, former UT students, don’t mess around with organic anything, which is why the Burger is a more than reasonable $3.75. Combine it with a milkshake in a giant margarita glass and you have your calorie intake for a week in one meal.

The Alamo Drafthouse

Dinner and a movie at the Drafthouse can cost an arm and a leg but the bleu cheese burger is worth every dollar. I can’t even tell you what exactly is on it but it’s different from any other burger you’ve ever had.  It goes great with a classic movie or a live World Cup match.

The Counter Café

The Counter Café is quintessentially Austin: it only seats about twenty-five patrons, has odd hours, plays strange local bands, and serves mind-blowing food. From their menu: "All Natural beef patty topped with cheddar, organic bibb lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes on a wheat or white bun." Quality meat and organic toppings make for a burger that tastes exactly like a burger is meant to taste.


Chime in carnivorous Austinites.