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Bevo's Daily Roundup - July 7, 2010


58 days (give or take a few hours).

2005 defense and special teams. (Music NSFW)

Horns_bullet_medium The Horns are loaded at linebacker.

Despite the loss of Muck, Texas remains stacked at linebacker with juniors Keenan Robinson and Emmanuel Acho headlining the returning corps.


Horns_bullet_medium  The Pokes deserve some respect.

Just when you thought your football team was starting to get some respect, Cowboy fans, the preseason football magazines hit newsstands.

Oklahoma State is picked to finish last in the Big 12 South in not one but two of the publications.


Horns_bullet_medium Dan Beebe is no Mike Silve.

Beebe wasn’t free from criticism in Tuberville’s interview. He cited the work Mike Slive and his predecessor Roy Kramer had done as commissioner of the SEC as good examples before questioning Beebe’s leadership.

"It starts with the commissioner," he said, "and I think Mike Slive has done a good job. Roy Kramer did a good job of building a base where everybody was on the same page. And that just has not happened here in the Big 12."


Horns_bullet_mediumBoone Pickens may be getting impatient.

At 82, Pickens knows he's running out of time as well as patience. So that begs the question about the future of Pokes coach Mike Gundy.

When he pumped nearly $250 million into OSU's football program, Pickens' gift came with only two stipulations. He requested the upgraded facilities to be the best available, and the Pokes must win a Big 12 Conference championship before he heads to that big board room in the sky.


Horns_bullet_medium  Barking Carnival has a special send-off for the Cornhuskers, Part 2.


Horns_bullet_medium  Keep the Big 12 brand.

For better or worse, the Big 12 is a brand. It's not the Big Ten, didn't come over on the Mayflower, but Americans know the Big 12 means Texas, Oklahoma and whoever else happens to be a member these days.

And changing the name at this juncture would be a sign of weakness. It would be an accurate sign, but you don't want to confirm what everyone from Beano Cook to Tommy Tuberville is saying.


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