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Where I Come From: Memorable Moments

This is the fifth post in a week-long series sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

Before pivoting on Monday to the upcoming 2010 season, we wrap up what's been a fun week talking about what it means to be a fan of UT football with a thread dedicated to our favorite moments and plays over the years. There are no rules or parameters here: whatever stands out to you as personally special. I suppose, if you're so inclined, you can include heartbreaking moments, but I'm focused on the good stuff, of which there is plenty. The offseason is long and hard enough without reliving the first half of the 2001 Big XII Championship Game...

Though you could easily fill an entire book with unforgettable moments in UT football history, I'll limit my contribution to ten personal favorites and open the floor to you. (This isn't a Top 10 list; just a grab bag of ten from a long, difficult-to-rank list.)

1. Stafford to Jones  (1987: Texas 16 Arkansas 14)

2. Stoney Clark's "Stone Cold Stuff"  (1994: Texas 17 OU 10)

3. Bomar'd  (2005: Texas 45 OU 12)

4. Sweed in the Shoe  (2005: Texas 25 Ohio State 22)

5. Smooth Like Matt Nordgren  (2005: Texas 62 Baylor 0)

6. 4th and 18  (2004: Texas 27 Kansas 23)

7. The Forced Fumble  (2006: Texas 22 Nebraska 20)

8. Mack Goes Berserk  (2007: Texas 38 Oklahoma State 35)

9. The Return  (2008: Texas 45 OU 35)

10. 4th and 5  (2005: Texas 41 USC 38)