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Cole Green & Tant Shepherd Returning For 2011

Texas fans finally got some good news last night as Cole Green and Tant Shepherd decided to return to Austin for the senior seasons. Green, a fourth round draft pick of the Tigers, is the first highly drafted Longhorn baseballer in recent memory to turn down the pros for another year with Augie. Shepherd, a 47th round pick, had little to lose by returning, but Green apparently was willing to risk whatever amount Detroit offered for another chance at a title and another shot at the draft.

Shepherd gives Texas its most consistent hitter back for 2011 and Green ensures that Texas will once again have one of the top pitching staffs in the country. These two players could very well make the difference between Texas going through a rebuilding year in baseball and Texas contending for a national title. Though Barnes and Brown may not have had a good Monday night, Garrido sure did.