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2010 Predictions: Glendale or ... Glendale!

So I was going to do a summary of what all the national media figures were predicting for the season, but being the easily-distracted type, I gave up after about 30 seconds of Googling. I'm lazy that way.

Instead, let me just simply open it up to the BON peanut gallery. How do you see the season unfolding? Want to put your thoughts in writing so that we can revisit this thread in January and see how much smarter you were than everyone else?

I mean, at least smarter than me, I would hope. I was that idiot who kept insisted we'd be on our way to the Big 10, and we saw how that turned out.

Time for some predicting after the jump...

The rules are easy.

Predict (1) the six major conference champions*, (2) the four at-large BCS bids, and (3) the outcome of the BCS Championship Game. If you want, throw in a sentence or two explaining some of your picks.

No need to predict any other individual bowl match-ups other than the championship game.

(The * goes to the fact that, for the purposes of this thread, we're looking at the six schools who'll represent their conferences in the BCS, so [1] don't pick a school which might happen to be on probation and ineligible for the BCS and [2] if School A and School B tie for a conference title, and School A receives the automatic BCS bid from the conference, and you picked School B, you're SOL.)

Also, feel free to mock anyone else's picks, but if you mock, I would encourage you to put up or shut up! Throw your own picks up here as well if someone else's are that bad.

We'll look back on this in January, and if anyone nails their predictions 100%, he or she will receive a celebratory thread on BON dedicated solely to their own all-knowing powers. And maybe some other zero-cost goodies as well.

I think this means I'm first up:

ACC: Virginia Tech

Big 10: Ohio State

Big 12: Texas

Big East: It doesn' matter Do I have to pick a team? UConn

Pac 10: Oregon State

SEC: Alabama

At Large Berths: Boise State; Florida; Oklahoma; Notre Dame

BCS Championship Game: Boise State over Alabama

Notes: I don't know to whom, but I don't see us escaping October without a loss . . . Take a look at Notre Dame's schedule if you don't believe me . . . Also Oregon State's . . . Bama plays Florida in Tuscaloosa . . . Ohio State will never go away.

And the big game? I believe that Boise State is a legit Top 5 team, and I will also acknowledge the obvious that their path to Glendale is easier than that of any of the other contenders, even though I am predicting they will defeat not one but two other BCS conference champions during the regular season. The second fact does not negate the first, and the fact that I see only Boise State joining the SEC champ as being undefeated at the end of the season makes this an easier prediction.

And then they'll beat Bama, and all of their BON critics will love every minute of it.

So who you do you have?