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Texas Depth Chart Versus Rice: Quick Thoughts, Defense

Quick thoughts on the offense here. On to the defense:

Defensive Tackle: In Muschamp we trust? Majorly frustrating to see Calvin Howell at #3 on the DT depth chart, and it's unclear whether his issues are injury- or practice-related. Either way, I hope it's a slump and not a season-long problem. Kheeston Randall is your Can't Afford To Lose guy, and so long as he's healthy we'll be fine with a rotation of guys who can give us bursts of snaps. Tyrell Higgins has had a good fall camp, but isn't a guy who can go for a full game, and isn't ideal against a power rushing team. The freshmen Dorsey and Bible will be factors in the Ben Alexander role this year. (Dorsey's more ready right now, and Bible will get there as he gets into better game shape and the weather cools.) The move of Okafor is fine in the same sense as was moving Houston inside three years ago. He'll be fine, and so will we -- the move comes at no real cost to the...

Defense Ends:  Acho and Jones are the starters, but how excited are you to see Jeffcoat and Wilson start to rip this fall? They're ready to play now, and are being prepped to take over as full-time starters next year. It's an embarrassment of riches at the position, and the main reason our DT curse hasn't bit us in the ass yet.

Linebackers: Muschamp's been thrilled with Johnson's play this fall, who had no chance of seeing time on the line and has worked himself into an option as a linebacker. He's got a big motor and good strength, and we'll use him as a run blitzer and edge rusher. Our concern about stopping power rushing teams is evident. For the majority of snaps, of course, we'll be in nickel, and I'm as excited about Acho and Robinson as I can remember being about linebackers at Texas. Jordan Hicks is as quality as we expected, and he'll play.  Great to see.

Secondary: Curtis Brown is listed as an OR starter, but again, we'll be in nickel most of the time, with Chykie, AW, and Curtis out there together. As expected, Christian Scott wins the starting job alongside Gideon, with Vaccaro backing him up. There will be blood. Kudos to Adrian Phillips for a nice fall camp, and I'm eager to get my first look at him this fall. Those who've been watching are impressed. This is a deep, versatile group that can do a lot of different things. We've got different combinations we can use for different offensive schemes, and the drop off from Earl Thomas won't be a fraction of what it would be almost anywhere else.

All hail William Muschamp.


UPDATE: Scipio Tex has posted a few quick thoughts over at Barking Carnival as well.