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A Two-Minute Shot of Rock'n'Roll Football

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. has about a two-minute video mosaic of yesterday's evening practice, along with still shots available on the main site. Editing at a hyper BlackHawk Down pace, there's lots of images to consume.

Two long and high Garrett GIlbert bombs float down to Marquise Goodwin and James Kirkendoll to start the video. Then the Horns are off and running, Tre and Fozzy and a sleeker Cody Johnson. There's a play action shot from behind the QB with a long out pattern to D. J. Monroe. Yeah, there's more, your morning teaser.

So, what are we seeing here? Is it the editing or the real story? Are the Horns selling the explosive edge? Aside from a strident sound track, there is no comment or narrative.

At any rate, it is football, Longhorn football, and although not the feast we are longing for, it is a tasty little snack.

A couple of thoughts emerged over this weekend leading up to the start of practice.

Despite the misfortune of the BCS NC game, Garrett Gilbert did gain some immeasurable experience.  He's one of a small number of QBs who have actually played in the NC game and will play this season.  Because GG had almost the whole game, a half-time for him and his coaches to reassess the situation, and then a relatively productive second half, he knows where he wants to lead these Horns. It is not mythical or some ideal: being there was an invaluable grounding experience.

This should be the backbone of his leadership. He should know he can play at that level, that he can execute and produce points and know exactly what his role is to lead this Longhorn team to victory. This is not your ordinary freshman, not by a long shot, although he will still be prone to rookie mistakes, both physical and judgmental. However, his judgment should be maturing at a high rate...once you've tasted the promised land, you want to go back soon, as we well know.

The other thought concerns the two true freshmen quarterbacks, Connor Wood and Case McCoy, and their duel in the August sun. This might be a long week for those boys. Competing not only against each other and the scrutiny of the coaches if not the Longhorn Nation, they have to face the first unit defensive backs at some point. Going up against what is arguably one of the finest sets of CBs and safeties around every single day might be discouraging because every mistake they throw will be just another opportunity for those guys to prove how good they really are. Like stealing candy from blind might be a little frustrating in the beginning.

This is big time pressure and hopefully the pair get some action against the scrubs to make them feel a little better. Whoever emerges should have earned their spurs. That's one of the things about having a great makes your offense much better in the long run - if they don't get mauled and mutilated in the process. 

It's a football Monday.

Hook 'em