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Postgame React: Defense vs Wyoming

So, an obscenely busy Sunday got in the way of me sitting down to type out "immediate" thoughts on the defense following last night's game. For starters, my thoughts are no longer fresh, but more importantly, I'm spending tomorrow night with the replay of the game, so I'm just going to pass on a faux postgame reaction and open the floor for your thoughts. I'll be along in the next couple days with a play-by-play review of the defense anyway, so I'll save my thoughts for then.

Comment starter: Things look damn good, no? I think you can easily make the case that Texas looks like it's going to be fielding a comparable defense to last year, and the offense is on the upswing in meaningfully encouraging ways. Admittedly, I haven't spent much time perusing fan sentiment across the various message boards, but from what I gather there's been a good bit of hand wringing.

Is it me, or are right on schedule?