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Bevo's Daily Roundup - September 16, 2010


Horns_bullet_mediumBe prepared to watch Harrell to Crabtree at least 332 times on Saturday.


Horns_bullet_medium And you know how smart OU graduates are...Crimson and Cream Machine told you this was coming. You didn't listen.


Horns_bullet_medium  When does a hard hit become a penalty?

The Longhorns had countless defensive penalties against Wyoming last weekend, but where do officials draw the line between penalties and hard hits?

When asked that question, defensive coordinator Will Muschamp replied with a "no comment."

In the second half last Saturday, junior safety Blake Gideon honed in on a Wyoming receiver and after making the tackle, was penalized 15 yards for "targeting," a term he'd never heard before.

"I don't know what 'targeting' means, but I guess I'd be paying a fine if I were in the NFL," Gideon joked.

Muschamp's defensive style emphasizes the importance of hard hitting, and Gideon, along with safeties Kenny Vaccaro and Christian Scott, pride themselves on being a physical presence in the backfield every week.


Horns_bullet_mediumTommy Tuberville thinks the Horns are physical

Texas has used three tailbacks the first two games, getting 115 yards on 16 carries from Fozzy Whittaker, 105 yards on 24 attempts from Cody Johnson and 84 yards on 26 carries from Tre Newton.

"They’re a lot more physical than they were last year," Tuberville said. "They’re coming off the ball. Their running backs run hard. It’s definitely a different offense than what we would have prepared for last year at this time."


Horns_bullet_mediumTaylor Martinez is sooooo interesting.  

The triple option is still the triple option - only out of the shotgun. The West Coast passing game has been broken down into a thousand little routes and put back together as something slightly different for each coach. Statistics are everywhere on the Internet. Sites like Smart Football provide a simple, enjoyable crash course in Football 101. And, for a small fee, Husker coaches put fans through Football 202 each summer. Tell the trick when you sell the trick. Fans want to know these little factoids more than ever. We love the trees. Damn the forest.

Which is why, I suspect, Taylor Martinez is such an interesting case. He’s that one tree in the forest you haven’t seen. I don’t mean his skills, per se - they exist, in some form, in lots of players - but his sheer lack of an easily-told story. In the midst of this information age, flush with details on just about everyone and everything, here is an enigma. And not just because Martinez is media shy. Martinez is one of those curious sorts walking the earth, getting in adventures. What we know - or what those in the Internet Illuminati insist they know - is overwhelmed by what we don’t.


Horns_bullet_medium  Landry Jones just needed to trust.

Reviewing the film, Jones and the O-line prospered from steady production on low-risk bubble screens, swing passes, seam routes and screen passes. Linemen needed to hold their blocks only a second or two.

Jones faced pressure only twice during the first half. Both times occurred on the only series OU punted. The Seminoles forced Jones to throw early on second down. Tyler Evans was beaten for a sack on third down.

That was it. On Jones' 26 other first-half attempts, he didn't have a white jersey near him.


Horns_bullet_mediumThe Aggies are just kicking themselves

An old, ugly foe has reared its head against A&M - even if it didn't matter much in Aggie waltzes past Stephen F. Austin and Louisiana Tech, and likely won't determine the outcome on Saturday night in what's expected to be a polka past Florida International.

But if the Aggies don't get their special teams play in order before they open Big 12 play at Oklahoma State on Sept. 30, they might be in for a long, clumsy dance despite success in the game's two other facets. Last Saturday in a 48-16 victory over Louisiana Tech, the Aggies fumbled three punts - losing two - and also lost another possession on a fumbled kickoff. All before halftime.


Horns_bullet_mediumHousing is a problem in Raiderville.

Students determined to stake their claim on the best student seating at Saturday’s sold-out football game against the University of Texas continued Tuesday to pour into the makeshift tent village on Texas Tech’s campus.

What had been a relatively small pocket of tents south of Jones AT&T Stadium on Monday afternoon gradually swelled over the next 24 hours to envelope a large lawn in the northeast corner of campus.


Horns_bullet_medium  It is a little late.

Had Reggie carried the trophy into Rose Bowl Stadium a month later in Pasadena, Calif., it would have been appropriate for him to call time to conduct a ceremony of his own, after a football game between the No. 1 Southern California Trojans and the No. 2 Texas Longhorns.

The ceremony would have been brief.

He asks Vince Young, the Texas quarterback, to join him at the podium, and in front of a crowd of 93,986, holding the Heisman Trophy aloft, he tells Vince: "Take it. It belongs to you.''

Five years ago, Reggie Bush could have done what, in a way, he did Tuesday.


Horns_bullet_mediumSooners being Sooners. The Land Thieves do not seem to know the words to the National Anthem.


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