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Upon Further Review: Texas Offense vs Tech, First Half

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It took a while -- and a non-trivial piece of my soul -- but last night I finished charting Texas' first-half performance on offense versus Texas Tech. You'll find the gory details beyond the jump, but I'll lead with the conclusions, since I'd imagine most of you just want the upshots. Not that I blame you...

  1. I'm not going to chart the second half play-by-play. Time permitting, I might type up some notes on my second viewing, but I feel confident in saying that frame-by-framing my way through the first half gave me more than enough to understand what we're doing, where we are, and what the issues are heading forward.

  2. Moreover, while it's not always the case, in this instance my second viewing of the game revealed that my initial postgame reaction was overwhelmingly on target. Give that a read to fill in any gaps I miss here with the offense, or to look at the defense. There's not much from that write-up that needs editing, on either side of the ball. (Likewise, I highly recommend Scipio Tex's post-mortems on both the offense and defense/special teams.)

  3. Moving into the specifics: Mac McWhorter has to go. I don't know that a position coach has ever been fired mid-season, and I definitely don't know that doing so would be of any use. And I'm still all for it. We saw on TV Mack Brown tear down the sideline looking for McWhorter after the first interception, and after the jump you'll see this frustrated blogger chart all the other instances that evidenced gross incompetence from our line coach. The line issues run much deeper than McWhorter alone, of course, but if he's coaching this group at all, it's to their detriment.

  4. At the in-game level, the most frustrating thing about Greg Davis is not that he gets himself into trouble, but how he reacts to the problem presented to him. It's like reacting to your girlfriend telling you that you're losing her for taking her to Chili's every night by taking her to an Outback Steakhouse. "You said you wanted something exotic?"

  5. Okay, it's also frustrating that Greg Davis keeps taking us to Chili's. The goal line packages on 3rd and short in our own territory were as pathetic as they were stupid. It belies a fundamental misunderstanding of spacing principles, or a misguided sense of priorities, or both.

  • Gilbert's going to be very good... probably. There's a lot more to like than not, but I would not underestimate the effect that playing for a broken offense might have on him. Hopefully tonight was not a microcosm, because we saw what can happen when a talented pocket passer begins to try to play amidst swirling doubt. Actually, we've seen it before.
  • The nice thing about the play-by-play review is that you're able to see and appreciate that we're capable of doing some things well. That is, you can see that if we were to be well-coached, we could be a solid offense -- not great, but good. With this defense, that would be enough. The bad thing about the play-by-play review is that you're even better able to understand that we don't have a coherent approach on offense.

  • My conclusion thus far is that our upside is bound either to our ability to execute a systematic approach to attacking a defense or to Gilbert's growing up into an effective improviser. I don't have much confidence in the former, but when we get our assignments right, our pass protection is perfectly fine. I'm thinking it's critical that Gilbert have a good game against UCLA. We'll need him to be a confident playmaker to get through the next two after that.
  • Someone -- Bobby Kennedy, perhaps? -- needs to make our receivers run sprints all week. Their efforts blocking were embarrassing.
  • Based on what we know about this O-Line and know about our offensive coaching staff, I don't think there's any doubt that Fozzy Whittaker is our best option at tailback. If he can advance in doing all the little things as much as he's advanced in finishing his runs, he's a no-brainer. Our running game -- such as it is -- requires some serious burst and purpose, and Fozzy's clearly the best option in both those regards.
  • Mack Brown made the decision to have an "NFL style" fall camp, and though I'm certain the issues again run much deeper, I wonder whether our inability to block in space might in part reflect that decision. It's utterly astounding -- from the linemen to the receivers -- how poorly they connect with a body in open space.
  • Here's to hoping we don't stumble offensively this weekend against UCLA, because the temptation to abandon the run is already creeping in. Of course, if we're a poor running team regardless, it's not an entirely irrational temptation, but if things go that way it's a bad sign for our prospects. It'll make for long Saturdays in the Cotton Bowl and Lincoln if we devolve into a one-dimensional group hoping Gilbert can make enough plays on 45 pass attempts.

    To the extent you're interested, the following key will be helpful:

    Pro Trips:  Gilbert under center, single tailback behind QB, TE and 2 WRs strongside, 1 WR down on the weakside.

    Spread Trips:  Gilbert under center, single tailback behind QB, TE and 1 WR weakside, with 2 WRs split high strongside.

    Pro Gun:  Gilbert in the shotgun, single back alongside him, TE and single 2 WRs strongside, 1 WRs alone on the weakside.

    Spread Gun:  Gilbert in the shotgun, single back alongside him, TE and single WR weakside, 2 WRs alone on the strongside.

    Five Wide Empty (Gun):  Gilbert in the shotgun, with empty backfield and five wide receivers.

    Ace Trips:  Gilbert under center, single tailback behind QB, twin TEs, and 2 WRs strongside.

    Finally, you'll note within the play notes various +/- scores for players. They are inherently arbitrary, but consistent insofar as they're all determined by me and what I think important. Feel free to weight things differently yourself, or ignore the scoring as altogether too vague to be insightful.


    Line Dn Ds Offensive Formation
    D-Formation Type Play Player Yds
    KICK -- -- --
    KICK --
    Goodwin 20
    [Texas 0  Texas Tech 0]  Deep kick into the end zone goes for a touchback.
    O20 1 10 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base Pass Bubble Screen Davis INC
    Gilbert takes the snap out of the gun, fakes a handoff to Whittaker standing alongisde him on the right, then immediately throws a bubble screen to Mike Davis, with Malcolm Williams blocking. Davis' man is blitzing, so maybe this was a hot read, but the play fails, and not just because Davis drops the easy catch. Even had he caught it, safety Cody Davis was on top of him as the ball arrived. This has to develop much more quickly to have a chance to succeed.
    O20 2 10 Pro Gun 4-2 Base Pass Hitch Kirkendoll 8
    Davis runs a short out from the slot, while Greg Smith releases to drag across the middle, opening up a window for Kirkendoll, who runs a soft hitch. Gilbert makes the right read, delivers a pass with good velocity, and Kirkendoll makes a solid catch on a ball a little behind him. [Kirkendoll +1]
    O28 3 2 Jumbo Goal Line
    Run Dive Johnson 1
    Greg Davis inexplicably calls for the Jumbo package, bookending the line with Greg Smith and Ahmard Howard, with Matthews the motioning H-Back and Roberson at fullback. If Texas needs an inch, or finds itself a yard-to-goal, fine. The Jumbo package has its use there, as the defense is confined by the space on the field anyway. But this? 3rd and 2 from our own 28? It's so conceptually stupid I want to scream, and we help Tech out immensely with the play call. All 11 Red Raiders swarm the line, and we're able to plunge over the left side for only a yard. Time to punt. [Greg Davis -2]
    O29 4 1 Punt
    Punt Punt
    Tucker 44
    With Gold struggling, and representing a higher risk of both getting blocked and allowing a return, Mack elects to go with the rugby-style punting of Tucker, who line-drives one that is unreturnable and nets 44 yards.
    DRIVE NOTES: 3 plays, 9 yards, 1:33. The trotting out of the Jumbo package on 3rd and 2 from our own 28 is exceptionally disheartening, demonstrating some truly awful awareness by Greg Davis.
    Line Dn Ds Offensive Formation
    D-Formation Type Play Player Yds
    TT07 1 G I-Form Tight
    4-2 Base
    Rush Reverse Williams 7 (TD)
    [Texas 0  Texas Tech 0]  Holy crap a real, live, well-executed running play! Taking over after a disastrous high-snap turnover deep in Tech territory, Texas lines up in the I, with Greg Smith playing lead blocker as the H-back. Walters gets a great block on the linebacker, Mitchell occupies his man just long enough, Smith makes an excellent lead block to seal the inside lane, Fozzy follows said lane, and then finishes the run with authority. Touchdown. It was like watching an NFL team. Sadly, I know how this story ends... But for now: [Walters +1 / Smith +1 / Whittaker +1 / O-Line +1 / Greg Davis +1]
    DRIVE NOTES: 1 plays, 07 yards, Touchdown, 0:06. It was hard not to feel good about things after that run.
    Line Dn Ds OForm DForm Type Play Player Yds
    O21 1 10 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Rush Jet Sweep
    Monroe 14
    [Texas 7  Texas Tech 0]  Texas sends Monroe in motion from the weakside, then hands it off to him on the jet sweep towards the strongside. Fozzy makes the key block that springs him, with Goodwin doing a nice job of downfield blocking to give Monroe the edge. [Whittaker +1 / Goodwin +1]
    O35 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Base Pass Hitch Goodwin 12
    Taking the snap from under center, Gilbert fakes play action to Whittaker, freezing the LBs and bringing the SS in three steps. Gilbert looks left, before turning right and gunning to Goodwin coming back to the ball. Tech's DB is holding on for dear life, and gets flagged for interference. A very nice play in every regard but one: the pass blocking assignment is screwed up: Against a straight four-man rush, Britt Mitchell winds up humping Walters (literally) instead of blocking anyone, while Greg Smith gets left one-on-one with the freshman DE who killed us all night. Smith does an admirable job holding him off, allowing Gilbert to make the throw, but it could have been a mess. This has been a recurring problem under McWhorter, and it's insane that it still continues. In fact, I'm so pissed to keep seeing it that I'm going to start charting it.  [G. Smith +1 / Mitchell -1 / McWhorter -1]
    O47 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Up Pass Quick Slant
    Davis 2
    Tech brings both LBs up to the LOS and it looks like Gilbert makes the hot call at the line. Gilbert fires the quick slant to Davis in the slot, but the safety Davis is well aware that it's coming and hits Davis as soon as he catches it. Now that he's popped his cherry, we need to give Gilbert a couple more options on these kinds of reads.
    O49 2 8 Pro Trips
    4-2 Base
    Rush Trap Whittaker 6
    Another fine block from Greg Smith on the backside, while Texas pulls Walters left, where he delivers a very solid job to spring Whittaker. Goodwin does a poor job of maintaining his block downfield or Whittaker picks up 20. [G. Smith +1 / Walters +1 / Goodwin -1]
    TT45 3 2 Pro Gun
    4-2 Base
    Rush Power Whittaker 3
    Every lineman except -- guess who -- Mitchell does their job on the play, with Texas' RT all but whiffing the backside DE, almost sinking Whittaker's chance to pick up the first down. It's here that Whittaker separates himself from CoJo and Newton: neither of those two gets to the hole before it disappears. Fozzy does, and he finishes the run strongly to fall across the first-down line. [Whittaker +1]
    TT42 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Base
    Pass Power Kirkendoll 33
    Amazing what happens when you're credibly rushing the ball and can run real play action off of it. Gilbert fakes the hand off to Whittaker, freezing the LBs and, for a crucial moment, Kirkendoll's CB, allowing him to slip by. Gilbert hits him in stride, underneath the safety, for a beautiful, perfectly-executed 33-yd gain. [Gilbert +1 / Kirkendoll + 1 / G. Davis +1]
    TT09 1 G Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Rush Outside Zone?
    Whittaker 2
    What a mess. I've been confused all year when we've gone to the hurry-up, as we do on this snap. Our line doesn't do well with it, our QB is green, etc. This is a perfect example, as Texas goes hurry-up to try and keep a back-up Tech safety on the field. The result is a mess of a running play that I can barely break down. Snow and Smith somehow wind up combining on a block (missed), while Malcolm fails to account for the near CB while sprinting to block the safety. Just ugly, all around. [O-Line -1 / G. Davis -1]
    TT07 2 G Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Pass Power Davis 7 (TD)
    Really nicely designed and executed play here. Kirkendoll motions from underneath the strongside, stopping above Davis in the slot. As Gilbert receives the snap, Texas floods the right side of the field, sending Gilbert rolling right, Fozzy into the short flat, Kirkendoll in a quick out, and Davis in a deeper out. Tech overplays the stuff in front of it, loses track of Davis, and Gilbert hits him on a nice throw from the run. Touchdown, Texas. 14-0. [Gilbert +1 / M. Davis +1 / G. Davis +1]
    DRIVE NOTES: 7 plays, 79 yards, Touchdown, 3:09. At this point, it looked like we were going to run them out of their own stadium.
    Line Dn Ds OForm DForm Type Play Player Yds
    TT22 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Base
    Rush Trap
    Johnson 2

    [Texas 14  Texas Tech 0]  NOTE: I accidentally screwed up the live game DVR and had to settle for the replay on ESPNU. In order to fit the game into a three-hour slot, portions are edited out, it appears. We re-join the action at 1st and 10 at the Tech 22, following 5 plays that covered 48 yards for Texas.

    Kyle Hix loses a one-on-one battle with Colby Whitlock, who makes a nice play to tackle Johnson after a short gain.

    TT20 2 8 Spread Gun
    4-2 Up Pass Flag Davis INC
    Texas rolls the pocket to the right and blocks Tech's four-man rush reasonably well, but this is one of those plays where Gilbert appears to have his mind made up before the snap where he's going. He trains his eyes on Davis all the way and, with space to slow down, let things develop a little, and step into a throw, guns an uncatchable pass out-of-bounds. [Gilbert -1]
    TT 3 8 Spread Gun
    3-3-5 Pass Screen Davis INT
    What a disaster. It's a called screen to Whittaker all the way, but Mitchell blocks DE Smith like it's a dropback pass like any other, leaving his man upright to tip the pass and then, in a nice athletic play, intercept it. Mack goes tearing down the sideline to scream at McWhorter. [Mitchell -1 / G. Davis -1 / McWhorter -2]
    DRIVE NOTES: 9 plays, 44 yards, Interception, 3:51. Obviously, the turning point in the game for our offense. After a moderately encouraging start, things are about to go south in a hurry.
    Line Dn Ds OForm DForm Type Play Player Yds
    TT20 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Up
    Rush Trap
    Outside Zone

    [Texas 14  Texas Tech 0] One of the ugliest run plays you'll ever see. And YET ANOTHER screw up on the assignments. Snow pinches down to double the playside DT with Walters, before releasing to the second level, but Huey takes the backside end and Hix the rushing Will. Notice anything missing? That's right. We leave the weakside DT, who lined up in a 3-technique, completely unblocked. Meanwhile, Mike Davis matadors at the man he's supposed to block, and the Tech SS so easily reads run that he sprints up to help bring down Fozzy for a loss of 3 yards. Just an atrocious play. [G. Davis -1 / McWhorter -2 / O-Line -1 / M. Davis -1]

    TT23 2 13 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base Pass Flag Whittaker 4
    It's a called screen to Whittaker in the strongside flat, and there's decent green in front of him, but the blocking of both Kirkendoll and M. Davis is feminine, and the room to run is quickly erased. Fozzy gets dinged on the play and heads to the sidelines. [M. Davis -1 / Kirkendoll -1]
    TT19 3 9 Spread Gun
    3-3-5 Pass Screen Davis INT Texas Tech rushes three -- again -- and Texas winds up with Mitchell one-on-one with DE Smith, while three -- THREE -- Longhorns linemen wind up just standing there, looking ahead, blocking nobody. Smith works Mitchell, tips the pass, and the rest you know. [Mitchell -1 / O-Line -1 / G. Davis -2 / McWhorter -2]
    DRIVE NOTES: 3 plays, 1 yard, Pick 6, 1:42. There are no words for this level of incompetence. I don't know if an offensive line coach has ever been fired mid-week, but if ever there was a time...



    Line Dn Ds OForm DForm Type Play Player Yds
    O20 1 10 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Rush Reverse Goodwin -10
    [Texas 14  Texas Tech 7]  NOTE: This drive begins with 1:39 left in Q1. Sigh... This is quickly getting old. Texas lines Goodwin and Davis side-by-side, hands off to Fozzy, who tosses it to Goodwin on the reverse. It's slow to develop, and the blocking is... well, you can probably guess. First off, Hix lets the playside DE charge into the area where Goodwin's about to arrive unimpeded, leaving Gilbert to block him one-on-one. Gilbert manages to push him underneath, but it forces Goodwin waaaaay upfield -- 8 yards behind the LOS to be exact -- as Hix fires out into open space, where he promptly whiffs the man he's to block. Goodwin niftily dodges him, but Michael Huey is bear hugging his man for a holding penalty, and a fortunate-to-gain-five-yards is quick a loss of 10 on the penalty. [Hix -1 / Huey -1 / O-Line -1 / G. Davis -1 / McWhorter -1]
    O10 1 20 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base Rush Power Whittaker 6
    Miserable blocking yet again, and we're officially lost. Whatever semblance of order we flashed to begin the game is gone. We're letting Tech shoot gaps, confused on assignments, and getting pantsed up and down the line. Only a nifty bit of athleticism and burst keeps this from being a loss. [Whittaker +1 / O-Line -1]
    O16 2 14 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Pass In Kirkendoll 15
    Texas sends Kirkendoll in motion right to left, and the pass protection is strong. We catch Tech in zone, leaving Kirkendoll matched up with a LB. He actually runs a pretty crappy route, but the LB is crappier, he springs free, turns up field, and is able to pick up the first down before being tackled. Nice job by Gilbert stepping into the pocket and delivering the ball on target. [O-Line +1]
    O31 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Base
    Pass Go Williams INC
    A nice play action to Whittaker leaves Gilbert with a great pocket and a beautiful set up in front of him. He's got Williams streaking deep on the Go, the safety out of position due to the play action, but he just outright underthrows it. If it's a good ball with some air under it, Williams catches it for 6. Gilbert fires a laser that comes in well short, and it's broken up as Williams comes back for it.  [G. Davis +1 / Gilbert -1]
    O31 2 10 Pro Gun
    4-2 Base
    Pass Sack Gilbert -3
    We get beat by a four-man rush despite leaving Matthews in to protect? That's six-on-freaking-four. And we lose. Why? Because Matthews winds up one-on-one with the defensive end. Look, Matthews didn't do a great job on the block, but that's a failure in blocking assignments. Again. [Matthews -1 / McWhorter -1]
    O28 3 13 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Pass In Kirkendoll INC
    Tech rushes four, we pick it up fine, and Gilbert has a nice pocket to step into. He double clutches a little bit and fires a frozen rope to Kirkendoll who is open at the first down marker underneath pretty soft coverage. But the throw is a little high, and Kirkendoll disappoints by failing to haul in a ball that was tough, but catchable. [Gilber -1 / Kirkendoll -1]
    DRIVE NOTES: 5 plays, 8 yards, Punt, 2:47. Not a very good drive for Gilbert, who's clearly unnerved by the series of preceding events, which really weren't his fault. Perhaps to be expected from a first-year starting QB in a brutal road environment, but again, the blame for the preceding meltdown predominantly belongs to the staff.
    Line Dn Ds OForm DForm Type Play Player Yds
    O16 1 10 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Rush Inside Zone
    Whittaker -2
    [Texas 14  Texas Tech 14] Astounding. We wind up with Britt Mitchell trying to reach block Colby Whitlock. You can guess how that ended. [G. Davis -1 / McWhorter -1]
    O14 2 12 Empty Set (Gun)
    Dime Pass Bubble Screen
    Goodwin 10
    We run the quick bubble screen to Goodwin, and with Tech sending a delayed blitz, it's actually set up pretty decently. Walters does a poor job of blocking in open space, however, and Goodwin is forced outside, where his athleticism allows him to make 10 yards out of the play. Since I've been knocking them for poor effort, it's worth mentioning that Kirkendoll does a solid job blocking. [Goodwin +1 / Kirkendoll +1 / Walters -1]
    O24 3 2 Pro Gun
    4-2 Base Penalty Penalty Mitchell -5
    The odds of me quitting the charting of this nonsense at halftime are quickly approaching 100 percent. [Mitchell -1]
    O29 3 7 Pro Gun
    Rush Inside Zone
    Newton 2
    We actually appear to have the right blocking assignment called here, but both Huey and Whittaker whif on the blitzing Sam, forcing Gilbert to bail out on a scramble, where he throws it away. [Huey -1 / Whittaker -1]
    DRIVE NOTES: 3 plays, 3 yards, Punt, 1:54.  The wheels are off the track. We're a mess right now.
    Line Dn Ds OForm DForm Type Play Player Yds
    O01 1 10 Ace
    Rush Dive Johnson 2
    [Texas 14 Texas Tech 14]  Terrifying memories of '08 flash as Texas lines up, but at least we're not in the freaking Jumbo, as I genuinely worried we might be. Our push up front is only decent, but it's good enough to allow CoJo to plunge into the pile for a gain of 2.
    O03 2 8 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base Pass Penalty Davis 7
    Texas picks up the four-man rush fine, and Gilbert fires a quick pass to Davis on a short out. It's terrifyingly close to a pick six, except that Gilbert throws a perfect ball high and outside. Nice catch by Davis. [Gilbert +1 / M. Davis +1]
    O10 3 1 Jumbo
    Goal Tight
    Rush Dive
    Johnson 1
    I hate the play call, and we're lucky to pick up 1 on a generous spot from the official. The telegraphing of our runs via the goal tight formations is so senseless outside, well, goal-line situations. We're using it on 3rd and short all over the field. A terribly disheartening lack of understanding about spacing principles and strategic attacking of defensive fronts. We're incredibly lucky not to be punting from our end zone after this. [G. Davis -1]
    O11 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Base
    Pass In Davis 10
    The pass blocking breaks down as Tech gets pressure with four again, thanks to yet another bizarre assignment call on our protection, leaving Smith one-on-one with a DE as Walters blocks... nobody. In any event, Gilbert uses his athleticism to scramble right and fires a nice bullet to M. Davis on the in, who catches it at the first down marker. Or maybe not. For some reason it's not reviewed. [Gilbert +1]
    O21 1 10 Empty Set (Gun)
    Dime Pass Slant Kirkendoll 45
    A breakdown by Tech's defense, which was probably expecting an official review of the last play. Gilbert takes the snap and fires a quick strike to Kirkendoll just as he breaks behind the zone. It's a poor scheme by Tech, and Texas neatly takes advantage. Nice play by Gilbert, who makes the right read and delivers a ball that allows Kirkendoll to continue upfield. Tack 15 on for a facemask and Texas is down inside the red zone. Again. What could go wrong?  [Gilbert +1 / Kirkendoll +1]
    TT19 1 10 Pro Trips
    4-2 Base
    Rush Trap Whittaker 1
    More crap blocking as neither Huey nor Walters manage to get a hat on anyone. [O-Line -1]
    TT18 2 9 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Pass Drag Matthews INC
    This almost worked out for Texas, which had the right play call on but tripped itself up with poor execution once again. A couple things went wrong. First, after Matthews properly chips All-American DE Smith, Hix is somehow not able to pick him up from there, allowing him to get by to pressure Gilbert from the backside. Second, Matthews smoothly releases and begins to drag, but instead of continuing his route seamlessly, pauses momentarily. Third, Gilbert -- rolling right to avoid Smith by this point -- pauses for a split second as he sees his intended target pause. Fourth, Gilbert throws it a bit behind Matthews, who had a step on the LB and with a good throw and catch would have turned it up for a first down. Result? Matthews drops a catchable ball thrown behind him. [Matthews -1 / Hix -1 / Gilbert -1]
    TT18 3 9 Pro Gun
    Pass Stop Williams INT
    Rookie mistake by Gilbert, who's understandably jittery by this point and throws the under route to Williams, missing that Davis is streaking past the safety into open territory in the end zone. A year from now, that ball goes to the corner of the end zone for a TD or, at the least, a jump ball. As it turns out, Gilbert's pass -- on target -- goes to Williams, who promptly lets it slide through his fingers, and into those of the Tech defender. Another turnover in the red zone. [Gilbert -1 / Williams -2]
    DRIVE NOTES: 8 plays, 81 yards, INT, 3:32. As much blame as the coaches deserve for much of the offensive failures, this drive was largely on the players. A meager silver lining in a depressing dark cloud: three trips to the red zone, three turnovers, 7 points, all 7 for the bad guys.
    Line Dn Ds OForm DForm Type Play Player Yds
    O46 1 10 Spread Gun
    4-2 Base
    Pass Sack Gilbert -7
    [Texas 14  Texas Tech 14]  A perfect example of Gilbert's youth, as he simply holds the ball too long. Texas picked up the four-man rush just fine, and Gilbert held the ball too long. That said, I'd like to note that he didn't have anywhere to throw it, and at least part of the blame should go to the OC, which put us in the gun and got away from the play-action, which had been doing well to free Tech's back seven. We left Fozzy in to block here, Tech sat on our underneath passes, and Gilbert took a sack, afraid to make another mistake. Given all the above, this isn't particularly surprising. Is it Davis's fault Gilbert held it too long? Not directly. Did Davis do anything to approach the situation with any understanding of what had come before this? Not at all. That, in a nutshell, is the problem with him. [Gilber -1 / G. Davis -1]
    O39 2 17 Pro Gun
    Pass Sack Gilbert -9
    Another poorly executed screen, and this one's on Mike Davis, who trots aimlessly towards the middle of the field, instead of cracking the DB who winds up causing Gilbert to hold onto the ball instead of throw the screen -- again, for fear of making a costly mistake. Gilbert's terrified, and we're doing nothing to help him. [M. Davis -1]
    O30 3 26 Spread Gun
    Rush Draw Whittaker 15
    On the bright side, we executed the draw reasonably well. That said, we did so against a max prevent defense, so it's not saying much. Whittaker displays poor situational awareness in going out-of-bounds with 30 seconds on the clock and Tech having no timeouts. [Whittaker -1]
    DRIVE NOTES: 3 plays, -1 yards, Punt, 1:12. We were frazzled preceding the drive, heading into the drive, and throughout the drive. And by drive I mean "drive." A fitting capstone to a forgettable 20 minutes of football for the Texas offense.


    QB Gilbert
    5 -6
    RB Newton
    0 0
    RB Whittaker
    3 -2
    TE Smith
    2 -1
    TE Matthews
    0 -1
    LT Hix
    0 -2
    LG Huey 0 -2
    C Snow
    0 -1
    RG Walters
    1 -1
    RT Mitchell
    0 -4
    WR Davis 2 -3
    WR Kirkendoll 4 -2
    WR Williams
    0 -2
    WR Goodwin
    1 -1
    2 -6
    Greg Davis
    4 -11
    McWhorter 0 -10
    TOTAL 24 -55