Viewed from an Offense Perspective is Boise State 3 Star + system >greater than UT 4 star + system ?

Wondering, if our offensive woes is less a  lack of player execution  of our UT's players... and more of just a crappy Coaching job at the OC and OL coaching position + plus their schemes?

IT seems like Boise State can get more out of the offense with their 3 star players than our team can get out of our 4 star players... I really dont think its the players deficiencies as much as the scheme from the coaches..  Can we use the respective wyoming scores as proof of the superior scheme of the coaches...or is that just too simplistic of an approach in trying to assign blame/cause for our poor offense.

I have seen posts criticizing the players execution and the coaching, but I am leaning more toward blaming the offensive coaching.......just how does boise state do it???

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