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Bevo's Daily Roundup - September 23, 2010


Horns_bullet_medium Mack Brown has no fear.

"Nobody with any sense would call a fake punt (in that situation)," Brown said after the game.

Few other coaches would even try, for fear of their coaching life.

"I was not going to get fired over the call," Brown said. "We had calculated our risks, we trusted our team. But there's absolutely no doubt that a young guy that's growing in this business that does that call and it doesn't work will be fired. I would be scrutinized, but we can evolve.

"It's easier when you've been around a long time as a coach. I'm not coaching from fear. I'm coaching to be aggressive to try to win the game and not sitting around worrying anymore about what anybody's going to think about it.


Horns_bullet_mediumThe Horns are still working on offense

Offensive coordinator Greg Davis expressed frustration with too many tipped passes, too many assignment busts in the offensive line and too much ineffectiveness in a ground game that managed just 2.2 yards per carry in last week's 24-14 victory over Texas Tech.

"In fairness, I would have thought we'd have had them worked out by the third week. And we haven't," Davis said.

"It's my fault. And we've got to get them cleaned up."


Horns_bullet_mediumMack Brown is not, repeat NOT, upset with offensive line coach Mac McWhorter

No. 7 Texas ran for just 93 yards on 43 carries and gave up its first three sacks of the season in a 24-14 win at Texas Tech last week. Television cameras caught Brown chewing out McWhorter on the sideline.

When Brown said earlier this week the discussion was private, it sparked speculation that McWhorter could be fired.

Brown dismissed the rumors as "unfair" to McWhorter and the rest of the coaching staff.

"I make those decisions. Media and fans do not," Brown said.


Horns_bullet_medium Kirk Bohls thinks McWhorter might on Brown's hit list.

The Texas offensive line coach has underperformed in getting the most out of his players during the last two years, and again through three games this season.

It is true that he should be cut a little slack because of the loss of three line starters and the drastic change in offensive philosophy from the true spread formation to the balanced attack. But Texas has recruited some of the best offensive linemen in the state with very few positive results to show for it.


Horns_bullet_medium  A bad trip down memory lane. Barking Carnival remembers that game.


Horns_bullet_mediumThere was some good from that hideous Bruin beating.


Horns_bullet_mediumLucas Patterson talks about the Aggie defense.


Horns_bullet_mediumAs the football turns. The Sooners have changed kickers, Landry Jones may become a minister and the Land Thief defense is just average.

Several coaches and players have commented that Air Force's unique option attack was a factor in the Sooners allowing 351 rushing yards. But defensive end Jeremy Beal said the defense being ranked 89th in the country is unacceptable.

"The facts speak for itself," Beal said. "Right now, we're an average defense. There's nothing else to say about it. We gave up 300-some (rushing) yards. Yeah, they're a different offense, but that's still a lot of yards. That's not our standards. We just need to play more consistent."


Horns_bullet_mediumThe Sooners do not like all that noise at opponent's stadiums.

The Sooners outscored opponents 276-47 in six home victories last season, notching three shutouts and scoring at least 27 points in each game. They didn't score half that many in four of their five losses away from home, where they averaged about two extra turnovers.

"You get out there and the crowd starts yelling," offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson said. "Do you lose your edge or do you feed off the energy of the opposing crowd to have the energy that we have at home? Can we have that kind of energy on the road?"

At home, Oklahoma's players are used to feeding off the 80,000-plus fans that have sold out all 71 games since Stoops took over in 1999. On the road, it's more about playing the role of the antagonist and getting excited about plays that silence the opponent's fans.


Horns_bullet_medium  Coaching is a heart attack waiting to happen.

"I don't know of any other job that's as stressful as this one, especially with the changes over the last 10-15 years with year-round attention and recruiting,'' Tuberville said on Tuesday. "That's become one thing that's made it just as stressful -- the competition (of recruiting).

"But the big thing is how much you travel. When you travel you never eat well, so you';re kind of like a junk food junkie. You eat out and you don't eat smart, you build the stress on top of it, and you have 80-90 hour work weeks. It's a heart attack waiting to happen.''


Horns_bullet_mediumPoor Aggies. So much for that extortion big payout for staying in the Big 12-2. 

The remaining Big 12 schools will divide the $16 million from Colorado and Nebraska with a formula to be determined, Beebe said.

While the $16 million is significantly less in early-exit penalties than the $30 million originally projected, the settlements avoid legal action.


Horns_bullet_mediumThat Oklahoma mom is not going to be happy about this...


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