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Bevo's Daily Roundup - September 28, 2010


Horns_bullet_mediumStunned is an understatement.

Brown said his team prepared well. The defeat shocked him. His players said the same thing.

"I'm very upset. Being here at the University of Texas, we're demanding to win. We're coming in to win every game," junior cornerback Aaron Williams said. "Since I've been here, I've never had a loss at home or a loss that bad before. The expectations here are so high; having a loss like this, I'm really angry inside."

Said safety Blake Gideon: "We didn't come to Texas to lose, and lose like this especially."


Horns_bullet_medium We can actually think of one that was worse. Mack Brown was embarrassed.

"It's disappointing and it's stunning. In fact, I'm shocked," Brown said. "The offense didn't give the defense enough hope. The defense got their heads down. ... It seemed like we just kept messing up, kept messing up."


Horns_bullet_medium When things go wrong, they really go wrong.


Horns_bullet_medium  While the Horns deal with offensive woes, the Sooners deal with defensive issues.

Early season conjecture was that the Red River Rivalry might be a defensive dual. After watching film of OU's 31-29 win over Cincinnati, the biggest factor could be which team ends its slump — the Sooners on defense, the Longhorns on offense.


Horns_bullet_mediumThe Sooners are getting whipped up front

Coaches and analysts have said for decades that the game of football is won in the trenches. That's not necessarily true. OU won all four of its nonconference games this season and only once has walked away playing better on the offensive and defensive lines.


Horns_bullet_mediumTake a number and get in line. Someone thinks the Sooners are stupid

But Oklahoma strives for more than the Holiday Bowl, so this wasn't a celebration. This was scary, and I'll tell you why.

Because Oklahoma is a stupid football team.

Oklahoma is fast, but Oklahoma is stupid. Oklahoma is skilled, but Oklahoma is stupid. Strong? Yes. Oklahoma is strong.

But stupid.


Horns_bullet_medium  Bob Stoops wants things to stay just as they are.

"Yeah, because I don't see the Texas State Fair changing," Stoops said during Monday's Big 12 teleconference. "And with the history and tradition for both schools, if I didn't like it and tried to change it, they'd probably fire me that day.

"I've got to say, it's exciting. It's everything you want out of college football. So I don't know why you'd go changing it."

A bad economy makes people consider really bad ideas.



Horns_bullet_mediumAt least the Sooners have their recordThe OU-Texas game just isn't that important.

Bob Stoops was asked this morning about the streaky nature of the Oklahoma-Texas football series. Predictably, given that the Sooners have dropped four of five to the Longhorns, he turned the focus elsewhere.

"Winning that game doesn't do it all for you. It also gets down to being able to finish the season and be a champion," Stoops said. "Three of the last four years, we've also been Big 12 champions."


Horns_bullet_mediumNext they will be handing out gold stars. The Pokes reward players with snickers and butterfingers

McGee has also earned Butterfinger and Snickers bars for coming up with the ball in practice, as part of the bonus system put in place by Young after he took charge of OSU's defense before last season.

So far, it's paying off. The Cowboys have forced six fumbles and intercepted three passes, an average of three takeaways per game, heading into their Big 12 opener Thursday night against Texas A&M (3-0).



Horns_bullet_medium  The Eyes of Texas are glaring at Mack Brown, or so says the Omaha World.

Maybe Nebraska's Bo Pelini and Texas' Mack Brown can compare notes this week as they try to move past what were mind-boggling, lackluster performances by their football teams.

“I've got to go home and try to put some sense into this,'' Brown said after UT's 34-12 home loss to 16-point underdog UCLA, which already had lost to Kansas State and was shut out by Stanford.


Horns_bullet_mediumNewsOK wants to know what the heck happened.

We are so, so sorry to disappoint you.

Have to admit, as excited as I was this time one week ago at the thought of two top 10 teams playing in the Cotton Bowl a lot of said excitement has gone the way of Al Michaels' real hair. The Big 12 just seems to lack the oomph that it has in recent seasons, and UCLA's ability to bring UT back to the glory days of Fred Akers/John Mackovic is a total bummer.


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