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Bevo's Daily Roundup - Aggies vs. Pokes


Aggies. It is their time.

And they are very excited to be on national TV.

The defense gets a chance to prove something against a turnover happy OSU offense.

The Aggies are mentally tougher.

Texas A&M started 3-0 last football season before dropping its next three games. The Aggies have started 3-0 again this season, and with tonight's Big 12 opener on tap at Oklahoma State, coach Mike Sherman was asked how this year is different than last.

"I think we're playing better defense now," Sherman said. "We're a year older and a year wiser. We're not as fragile as we were a year ago."

Freshmen are having an impact.

This isn't just another game.

Just another game? Tell that to new Texas A&M defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter, who is as charged as any of his gung-ho freshmen about the 3-0 Aggies playing at 3-0 Oklahoma State tonight on ESPN.

"I want our guys to be excited," said DeRuyter, when asked if he planned to keep his defenders' emotions in check leading up to the ballyhooed showdown under the bright lights of Boone Pickens Stadium. "This is why you play college football. This is why you get in the game to coach. You play defense with attitude and emotion. Anything to drive that up doesn't hurt."


The Pokes

It is time to step up.

QB Brandon Weedon continues to improve each week.

Weeden is No. 3 in the country with an average of 325 passing yards a game and has thrown for 11 touchdowns this season, but he still has room for improvement, Gundy said.

"I just think just from experience, he can always throw the ball on time and continue to make quicker reads, Gundy said. "But he’s played pretty well, and I think he has a good feel for what we’re trying to accomplish with our system."

Key matchups for the game.

Defending the Aggies.

That's not exactly a compliment. OSU is the new A&M.


Whoop. Aggies vs. Pokes tonight. On the teevee, too! Cowboys Ride Free and I Am The 12th Man will have open threads.


And finally...

Aggie delusion. Enjoy!

And the response.