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Texas Longhorns Depth Chart Versus Wyoming

Mack Brown released the depth chart for the Wyoming game on Monday afternoon. The Rice depth chart is here.

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Flanker (Z) 5 John Chiles OR 1 Mike Davis      
Sub B 11 James Kirkendoll OR 84 Marquise Goodwin      
Tight End (Y) 89 Barrett Matthews | 85 Ahmard Howard
Right Tackle 72 Britt Mitchell | 70 Paden Kelley OR 54 Mark Buchanan
Right Guard 67 Mason Walters | 76 Trey Hopkins      
Center 78 David Snow | 73 Garrett Porter      
Left Guard 63 Michael Huey | 79 Thomas Ashcraft OR
Mark Buchanan
Left Tackle 64 Kyle Hix | 77 Luke Poehlmann      
Split End (X) 9 Malcolm Williams | 11 James Kirkendoll      
Quarterback 7 Garrett Gilbert | 6 Case McCoy | 18 Connor Wood
Tailback 23 Tre' Newton |
28 Fozzy Whittaker OR
31 Cody Johnson
H-Back 83 Greg Smith |
21 Chris Whaley      
Fullback 41 Jamison Berryhill OR 30 Ryan Roberson      
Place-Kicker 19 Justin Tucker | 14 William Russ      

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Buck 32 Eddie Jones | 44 Jackson Jeffcoat      
Tackle (Nose) 91 Kheeston Randall | 85 Ashton Dorsey      
Tackle 93 Tyrell Higgins | 80 Alex Okafor | 96 Calvin Howell
End 81 Sam Acho | 92 Reggie Wilson      
Strongside LB 9 Dravannti Johnson | 18 Emmanuel Acho      
Middle LB 18 Emmanuel Acho | 42 Dustin Earnest OR 11 Jared Norton
Weakside LB 1 Keenan Robinson | 33 Jordan Hicks      
Right CB 8 Chykie Brown | 23 Carrington Byndom OR 7 A.J. White
Right Safety 21 Blake Gideon |
Adrian Phillips
Left Safety 6 Christian Scott OR 16 Kenny Vaccaro      
Left CB 3 Curtis Brown OR 4 Aaron Williams      
Nickel 4 Aaron Williams OR 16 Kenny Vaccaro      
Punter 47 John Gold | 19 Justin Tucker      

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Punt Returns 3 Curtis Brown | 4 Aaron Williams      
Kickoff Returns 84
Marquise Goodwin
D.J. Monroe

Aaron Williams
Christian Scott
Kickoffs 19 Justin Tucker | 14 William Russ      
Holder 86 Cade McCrary | 47 John Gold      
Deep Snapper (PAT/FG) 83 Greg Smith | 77 Luke Poehlmann      
Deep Snapper (Punts) 48 Alex Zumberge | 49 Trey Wier      

Analysis after the jump...

  • The major change is obviously at running back, where Tre' Newton is the starter after having the best week of the backs -- hitting holes with decisiveness and blocking well in pass protection, as always. The demotion of Cody Johnson to second string is probably more about the sprained ankle he suffered early in the game that limited his speed and mobility.
  • Malcolm Williams is now the starter at split end after having arguably the best game of all the receivers -- accounting for the most receiving yards, at least -- but it's strange that James Kirkendoll, who was basically non-existent for the game, is listed first as a co-starter at Sub B with Marquise Goodwin, who was nearly as good as Williams and clearly better than the maddeningly inconsistent Kirkendoll. What did Kirkendoll do to move in front of Goodwin? Mike Davis didn't get many snaps against Rice, but is listed as a co-starter with John Chiles, perhaps a sign that the true freshman will see more playing time against Wyoming.
  • As expected, Paden Kelley is back on the depth chart, but as the co-back-up at right tackle instead of left tackle, where Mullet Man is the replacement for Kyle Hix.
  • On defense, the big change is that Kenny Vaccaro is now the co-starter at both left safety, with Christian Scott, and the nickel, with Aaron Williams. No apparent consequences for Chykie Brown's poor day, as he remains the starter at right corner. And it looks like there isn't any chance at the moment for Vaccaro to replace Gideon, who remains the starter at right safety.
  • The fumbled punt against Rice will keep Aaron Williams as the back-up punt returner, with Curtis Brown as the starter.