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Rivals Top 2013 Basketball Recruits


Rivals 2013 Top 15

So, Rivals released their top basketball recruits who are just now sophomores. It's intriguing
because it's the strongest in-state crop Texas has seen in years.

PG Andrew Harrison tops the list and his brother, SG Aaron, is tenth.

PF Julius Randle, often compared to Chris Webber, is basically the consensus top recruit in the class OTHER than in Rivals' opinion—he's number three here.

SG Keith Frazier checks in at number eight and Jordan Hamilton's brother, SG Isaac, is number 12.

Finally, SG Tyree Robinson, from California, is number 13. He and his twin brother (see a pattern here?), Tyrell, have expressed interest in Texas. But with all the in-state talent at SG, it may be hard for the brothers to garner too much interest from the Horns.

Ricky B needs to get on this class big time. I expect nothing less than both the Harrisons, Randle, Frazier, random five-star big man, and LeBron James with replenished college eligibility to commit to the Horns. Get it done, Barnes!