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Wickline: Staying At OSU

Cross another name off the list of candidates for the offensive line coach position at Texas -- that of Oklahoma State's Joe Wickline. As if the 16th of January just couldn't get any worse for fans of the burnt orange and white, what with the press release from Jeff Grimes saying he will stay at Auburn and reports that Duane Akina will leave Austin for the same position of defensive backs coach at Arizona, the Tulsa World broke the news that Wickline is staying in Stillwater.

Wickline's name was featured prominently for weeks as Texas pursued other candidates like Grimes and Wisconsin's Bob Bostad and it even sounded like there were some positive vibes coming from the Wickline camp. Yeah, not so much. On Friday, Wickline told the Tulsa newspaper that he hadn't been in contact with Texas -- no big surprise, as Grimes was the top target at the time. But then Wickline acknowledged the Longhorns had been in contact with him on Sunday and he had made the decision to remain with the Cowboys.

Once again, Mack Brown must move on to find another target to coach his young offensive linemen, with Arkansas' Chris Klenakis and Boise State's Chris Strausser remaining the names most often mentioned for the position. Until they officially turn it down, of course. #pessimism