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Searels to Texas: Georgia OL Coach Flying to Austin

There's no official confirmation that Georgia OL coach Stacy Searels has or will accept the Texas OL coaching position, but he did get on a plane from Athens bound to Austin on Wednesday afternoon. After the false alarm on Monday with Bob Bostad when the same jet that is now carrying Searels -- and the same jet that carried Jeff Grimes back to Auburn, not to return to Austin as a Texas coach -- ended up dropping off a PGA Tour professional in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, at least Searels was seen boarding the plane, so he is most definitely en route to Texas.

With Christian Westerman visiting on Friday and after the high-profile miss on Jeff Grimes and a similar whiff on Steve Addazio when he took the Temple head coaching position, Mack Brown can't afford to have another coach turn him down after flying into Austin and wasting precious time. The thought here is that Brown has already offered the job to Searels and that Searels knows that he's going to take the job. All that remains, hypothetically, is for the two to met and confirm the hire, which should take place sometime Wednesday evening. Once again, that is pure speculation, but given the situation it doesn't seem like a stretch.

More on Searels later, if/when this does go done, but for now satisfy your hungry selves by munching on his bio.