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Texas Roars Back to Beat Kansas 74-63 in Lawrence


The University of Texas Longhorns fell down 18-3 in the first four minutes of the game and trailed by 12 at half before roaring back to blow out Kansas in the second half. J'Covan Brown's offense, combined with an exceptional team effort on defense (and huge second half rebounding from Matt Hill), fueled the Texas comeback, with the Horns outscoring the Jayhawks 51-28 in the second half.

The win was the first by a visiting opponent at Kansas since February, 2007, snapping a 69-game home winning streak for the Jayhawks.  And for Rick Barnes' squad, it was a stunningly poised performance after a disastrous start, showing the heart of this team.  One of the most impressive, exciting regular season wins in school history.

We'll talk much more about the game, and individual performances. This is your celebration thread.

Congratulations to Rick Barnes and this Texas Longhorns basketball team. Hook 'em!