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Texas/Kansas Game as "Texts From Last Night"

Well, hello there. I'm glad so many Longhorns fans were able to "get over last year" and join the party for today's game. And what a party it turned out to be. Texas went on the road against one of the best teams in the country, dug themselves into a gigantic hole, and then went on a blistering run to score 48 POINTS OVER THE LAST 16 MINUTES OF THE GAME! Throughout the game, my phone was buzzing with a series of texts, and it's almost comical to look back at the gamut of emotions the game produced. This one had it all.

After the jump, and in the spirit of, I wanted to share some of my text conversations with the BON always, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): Would be nice to get off to a good start here...dont want to let them pounce on us early.

(xxx): Oh, they're pouncing. Like panthers. Or cougars. Something that pounces fiercely.

(xxx): Ummm...geez.

(xxx): Not much else to say. This is a beatdown.

(xxx): Why do we always act so dumb when they double our bigs early in the game?

(xxx): What happened? How are we down so much?

(xxx): Think of something bad that could happen in a basketball game. Whatever you happened.

(xxx): J'Covan needs to be J'Checked into this game. Now.

(xxx): Good call.

(xxx): Is this score for real?

(xxx): CoJo and Gary need to, you know, hit a freaking shot.

(xxx): We would be down 10 if not for that rejection by the rim.

(xxx): We would be down 12 if not for that rejection by the rim.

(xxx): We would be down...well, I think you get the point.

(xxx): Something is wrong with the rims

(xxx): The more things change, the more we are losing by 10-14 points

(xxx): Hard to make a run when you cant score.

(xxx): Well, we're on pace to score 40 points. For the game.

(xxx): A jump shot. A jump shot. My kingdom for a jump shot.

(xxx): I'd settle for any kind of shot to go down. Even if we shoot underhand.

(xxx): Did we really just end the first half with 4 straight turnovers?

(xxx): Can we win this?

(xxx): Yes. But dont ask me for the odds.

(xxx): D is really stepping up.

(xxx): on, dude.

(xxx): Out of seemingly nowhere, too. Let's win this.

(xxx): When we're on our game, we play great defense. We contest every shot, board, loose ball, and play great help defense. This second half has been beautiful.

(xxx): JCB dont give a (darn) about the Phog.

(xxx): He's from Port Arthur, dude.

(xxx): I'm just glad he didnt look at Morningstar. Apparently, that's a tech.

(xxx): JCB has swagger. In fact, this whole team has swagger.

(xxx): I heart all of them. Even the walk-ons.

(xxx): CoJo just Kemba'd them. Love it.

(xxx): You know, it feels like a long time since A&M/Baylor had slam dunk contests against our defense last year.

(xxx): Um, yeah. That feels like ages ago.

(xxx): Unreal. Down 18-3, down 12 at the half, down 10 with 16 to go. And then we ROLLED them.

(xxx): Hook 'em.

(xxx): JCB was the only player who showed up last year, and today he finished the job.

(xxx): You know, I wish the Big Ten teams that we beat would start playing more like the Big East teams that beat us.

(xxx): Which is part of the reason why today's win feels so huge. KU isnt losing more than a handful of games.

(xxx): Ward, Bradley, or Williams could all help this team. But we're still so legit. This team is going to be a tough, tough, tough out in March.

As always, feel free to include your own conversations below...

Hook 'Em!