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Sedrick Flowers: 2011 Texas Recruiting Spotlight


Name: Sedrick Flowers

Position: Offensive line

Height: 6-3

Weight: 280

Speed: 5.0 40-yard dash

High School: Galena Park North Shore

Rating (Rivals): Four out of five (5.8)


LSU and Texas. For Galena Park North Shore OL Sedrick Flowers it was essentially a two-horse race out of the gate. Fortunately for the Longhorns, they had a significant advantage over the Tigers -- three former North Shore players in burnt orange at the time of Flowers' recruitment in Chykie Brown, Barrett Matthews, and Trey Hopkins. LSU tried to edge into the lead by offering Flowers the opportunity to play defensive tackle, but after thinking about his Texas offer for less than two weeks, the big guard gave his commitment to the Longhorns.


On the effect of having two former North Shore teammates ($) at Texas:

It was a big factor knowing guys who I played with being already at Texas. I know that these guys can show me the ropes and take me under their wing. That makes me even more comfortable in my decision.

North Shore recruiting coordinator Garrett Cross on Flowers' decision ($):

He wanted to get it over with and he and his mom thought that Texas is the right spot. He just got off the phone with coach Oscar Giles before lunch. Texas did a great job recruiting him, but he had three former North Shore teammates recruiting him also in Chykie Brown, Barrett Matthews and Trey Hopkins. He and Trey are best friends. That really factored into his decision.

On why he chose Texas:

When I was down there, the coaches made me feel like I was already a part of the team. That was big. The family atmosphere feeling was big also. Right away, it felt like a second home. I feel like this was the best decision for me. And I feel it was the right decision. Now that I am committed to Texas, I don’t want to or need to go anywhere else.


  • Texas (committed 2/25/2010)
  • Alabama
  • Houston
  • Kansas
  • LSU
  • TCU
  • Texas A&M
  • USC

Scouting Report

The positives from Jeff Howe ($):

Flowers might be the top lineman in the class when things are said and done but he isn’t the long, true tackle type of 2010 studs Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews. He looks like a guard but he is big enough (possibly) to be able to function as a right tackle in college because of his combination of footwork, athletic ability and power.

One thing you worry about offensive linemen is how far along are they physically when they get to campus and Flowers is the rare guy who won’t need a ton of time to develop physically. He will need to just firm up in some spots but overall, from a pure physical standpoint, Flowers looks ready for college.

His feet are tremendously impressive for a lineman of his build. Other than DeSoto’s Marcus Hutchins Flowers has the best footwork in the class and you might even give him the nod considering he plays carrying around 40 more pounds than Hutchins.

Flowers is violent with his hands which I love in offensive linemen. He shoots his hands up quickly in pass protection and does an outstanding job of initiating contact with the pass rusher and can really deliver a blow with his punches to stagger charging defenders.

Overall his pass blocking is pretty advanced but his run blocking is also top notch because of the tremendous raw power he shows when firing off of the ball. Again he is a great with his hands in the run game and does a textbook job of bringing his hat, hands and feet all at the same time and chopping his feet until the whistle blows.

ESPN evaluation ($):

Flowers plays with the athleticism and playing strength necessary to dominate defenders. Has the size for the offensive guard position at the major level of competition. Is flexible in a three point stance; comes off the ball with very good explosion, initial fit and pad level; rolls his hips with good base and leg drive. This player gets excellent movement off the line of scrimmage whether he is single or double team blocking. Shows the initial quickness to gain leverage vs. shaded defenders; can chip off the double team and get a hat on linebackers; is quick to the second level demonstrating the ability to play on his feet in space; does a nice recognizing and picking up late run blitzes. This guy is a powerful run blocker capable of knocking defenders off the ball while finishing with pancake blocks. We see the agility and balance to become a very good trap blocker; his ability to pull and get outside on screen and swing routes is a very good indication of his skill in the open field. Because his offense appears to be more run oriented his pass protection skills will need attention. However his athleticism, nimble feet and arm length will serve him well at the next level of play. His foot quickness and explosive playing strength should be assets vs. quick inside power rushers. We like the way this prospect plays the game; his tough aggressive finishing attitude allows him to dominate opponents both on and off the line of scrimmage. Because pass protection techniques will need refinement it may take a little time before Flowers steps into a starting position however once this occurs he should have a long and productive career at the major level of competition.

Sedrick Flowers Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)


  • Run blocking -- North Shore is a run-based offense and Flowers fit it well and was a mauler in the running game in high school due to his strength and nasty disposition on the football field. Experience and strong technique for his age help as well. The type of guy who will push his opponent into and out of the back of the end zone.
  • Athleticism -- In a group of offensive linemen that features some strong athletes, Flowers might rank near the top because that athleticism that have to be projected along with serious weight gain -- there's no question that when he's ready to contribute, he will have retained the footwork that makes him so valuable in the running game at the second level and pulling.
  • Body composition -- Though he probably isn't strong enough to step right in at Texas, Flowers is stronger than most of his peers and doesn't carry any bad weight.


  • Height -- Even the best guard prospects tend to get dropped in the recruiting rankings because they don't have the potential to add value by playing a more difficult position in tackle and Flowers is no exception. At about 6-2, he just doesn't have the height or reach to even really get a look at tackle at Texas.
  • Pass protection -- In this area, Flowers is probably the opposite of a guy like Taylor Doyle who got a ton of reps in the passing game in his high school offense, as North Shore rarely threw the ball.

Target Weight -- 300 pounds. Unlike recent guard prospect Thomas Ashcraft, Flowers is in good physical condition and simply needs to add strength when he gets to Texas. His lack of height means that he'll eventually be on the light side for a college guard in a big-time program.


The top offensive line prospect in the state, it's a shame for both Flowers and Texas that he doesn't have the height to play outside because that's where the major need is for the Longhorns. Unless Trey Hopkins or Mason Walters move outside in 2011, Texas is probably mostly set on the inside, even though Flowers is arguably the most ready to contribute of the five linemen in the class.

As the offensive line seeks to lose the soft label attached to it the last several years, aggressive, athletic players like Flowers, Garrett Greenlea, and Josh Cochran will play a large role role in that transformation over the coming years and Flowers projects as a guy who could not only be a multiple-year starter, but an All-Conference type of player as well as long as he improves in pass protection.

Impact ETA: 2014. The potential to contribute early is there for Flowers talent-wise, but his need to add strength and the depth chart in front of him make that unlikely. Unless he can pass players like Aschraft, Dom Espinosa, and Garrett Porter, some of them will have to graduate before he sees the field, so an impact ETA of 2014 isn't a stretch, even though he'll probably be ready to contribute heavily as a back-up as early as 2012.