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Texas/Mizzou Game as "Texts From Last Night"

You know, being a young lawyer is an interesting thing. Even though I haven't started my own legal career (six days and counting), I've spent the last several months talking to some of my UT Law classmates. From what I can gather, there are times when they feel truly inspired. This inspiration can come from several things: a burgeoning sense of knowledge, a series of completed tasks, or sometimes even just looking up at their legal diploma. Naturally, several of my classmates have also experienced periods of crippling self-doubt. This doubt is normally caused by their own inexperience, but, sometimes, their doubt is instead caused by reading another lawyer's brilliant work. Which is an entirely natural reaction. One can feel completely satisfied with their work product until they realize how insignificant it appears in the larger realm.

And that's pretty much how I felt earlier tonight. I sat down to write this "Texts From Last Night" post, then realized that PB had already written two incredible posts over the Missouri game. As I read over his posts, I simply could not imagine a scenario in which any reader would have any residual interest in a post about text messages. But, then again, I'm not sure how any UT Hoops fan could avoid stories about this team and this season. As y'all know, this is shaping up to be a pretty special ride, and I still wanted to share some of the thoughts and reactions from last night's victory.

After the jump, and in the spirit of, I wanted to share some of my text conversations with the BON always, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): Is it loud?

(xxx): It's rocking. Good crowd.

(xxx): Crowd is good tonight. You'd love it.

(xxx): This crowd is solid.

(xxx): Is it better or worse than the Archer season premiere?

(xxx): C'mon. You cant possibly ask me to compare a Drum crowd to my favorite comedy.

(xxx): They just missed showing where I was standing in the O-Zone during the game two years ago...

(xxx): Against Mizzou?

(xxx): Yeah. Which is probably a good thing, since I said a lot of bad things during the last 10 seconds of that game.

(xxx): We're making Mizzou look worse than their gold uniforms

(xxx): I'm glad we had some legit practices for Mizzou. A short turnaround would have been rough.

(xxx): Yeah, kinda like a football team getting a bye week before playing a gimmicky offense.

(xxx): Based on how we're handling the press, this is like Auburn getting 35 days off before playing Oregon.

(xxx): Ok, this team would legitimately beat the (heck) out of last year's team. That still blows my mind.

(xxx): What happened to Bowers?

(xxx): TT's elbow did as much damage to his face as Balbay's phantom punch did to Blake Griffin's head.

(xxx): We need to run away from them here.

(xxx): I'd settle for jogging away from them. Just need to protect home court.

(xxx): Our bench has contributed 3 points, one board, and one assist...

(xxx): And one steal!

(xxx): We should be up 20 points here...

(xxx): That would require hitting free throws. Which we arent doing tonight.

(xxx): Is missing FT's part of our game plan tonight?

(xxx): What do you mean?

(xxx): Well, I'm kidding, but it kindasorta feels like we're purposely missing FT's to make this game interesting

(xxx): Could you hit 70 percent of your free throws?

(xxx): No, I'm terrible. But that doesnt excuse tonight's disaster from the line.

(xxx): J'Covan needs to J'calmtheheckdown

(xxx): This second half has been ugly.

(xxx): Yup. Not gonna be rewatching this half when I get home. Ugh.

(xxx): Wow. TT doesn't know the words to "The Eyes of Texas." That was awkward.

(xxx): But, then again, we're 18-3, so nevermind. I dont care.

(xxx): If we can win at Reed on Monday, our conference winning streak could get pretty silly...

(xxx): This is already silly. We just beat three Top-15 teams in 2 weeks. Just incredible.

As always, feel free to contribute your own conversations below...

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