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Texas Football: Coaching Hires Today?

Sources in Madison confirm that Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst was in town yesterday to interview for the University of Texas offensive coordinator job, and rumors are starting to surface that Mack Brown has indeed hired Chryst, and with him, Badgers offensive line coach Bob Bostad.

On the defensive side, Stanford locked down Virginia Tech in impression fashion last night, and Cardinal defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is a name that's being mentioned as a leading candidate for the Texas defensive coordinator position. This article provides a nice overview of the job Fangio's done in his first year at Stanford.

It's looking a lot like today's going to be a big news day on the staff hiring front.

Have at it in the comments.

UPDATE: Per 247sports, add Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz into the mix for the Texas defensive coordinator opening. Fantastic article on Diaz here. (Hat Tip: BMG) 

UPDATE:  Manny Diaz: "You can't be a great defense in a casual manner." GIMME.