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Manny Diaz New Texas Defensive Coordinator

[Update]: It's official now, as the school has put out a press release confirming the hire. --GoBR--

[Update]: The Jackson Clarion-Ledger is now citing a source confirming that Diaz will head to Texas. --GoBR--

When questioned at the Starksville airport around noon on Wednesday, Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz noted that he expected to make a decision within days. If a report from the Texas Scout site is to be believed, Diaz didn't have to wait long to come to a final decision and will soon be the former Mississippi State defensive coordinator. According to the site, Diaz will be the next Texas defensive coordinator, a position Recruitocosm took late Tuesday night when declaring that barring any unforeseen circumstances, Diaz to Texas was "a done deal."

It's still early, of course, and sites like Orangebloods and Hookem have not yet weighed in with any confirmation, but there is a growing chorus from the message boards and posters claiming high-level sources, so there's just so much buzz around Diaz taking the job right now and it makes so much sense for him that it would be a major upset if Diaz doesn't end up as the next Texas defensive coordinator in the very near future. Now Randy Riggs of the Statesman is calling it "close to done" on Twitter. As usual, nothing official has been announced yet by the school.

As detailed in the Wednesday coaching open thread (link above), Diaz quickly won over both PB and I because of the reports of his intelligence, ability to think outside the box, and to quickly make adjustments on the field. Furthermore, Diaz fits the profile of what Mack Brown seems to be looking for because he is a young, fiery coach who will help infuse the same type of energy Will Muschamp brough to the program. And his attacking style of defense is extremely player-friendly and should help on the recruiting trail. In other words, he's a perfect fit.

Viva Manny Diaz!