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Jeff Madden Out? S&C Job Posted

[Update]: The Statesman is reporting that a source close to the program indicated that Mad Dog will not resign or be re-assigned, but that the position posted is newly created. However, since the job posting is for the head of the strength and conditioning program, it looks like Madden will have to take a demotion if he is going to stay. ---GoBR--

On Tuesday, reports surfaced that long-time Texas strength and conditioning coach Jeff Madden would either resign his position or, more likely, be re-assigned within the athletic department. A day later, no new reports came out about Madden being gone, but a strange thing happened -- the school posted a job listing for the strength and conditioning position

So, even though there hasn't been an official announcement from the school about Madden leaving his position, the job listing is up and it looks like Madden is finished as the head of the S&C program at Texas. One possible landing spot for Madden -- Colorado -- is no longer an option as Jon Embree hired Malcolm Blacken to fill that role in Boulder.

LSU S&C coach Tommy Moffitt and Tennessee S&C coach Bennie Wylie still appear to be the frontrunners to replace Madden, but neither one has interviewed with Mack Brown and it's not clear if contact has been made with either.