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Bennie Wylie New Texas S&C Coach, Per Reports

[Update]: Mack Brown confirmed this afternoon that Jeff "Mad Dog" Madden will remain in his current position, but Bennie Wylie will be in charge of strength and conditioning for the football program. --GoBR--

An insane week just got a little more insane. If that's possible. Hookem and Recruitocosm are now reporting that Texas filled the open strength and conditioning head coach position with former Tennessee strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie. There were rumblings over the last two days that Wylie, a native Texan, was waiting for the Longhorns to reach out to him and it seems that it was not a difficult decision when they did so.

Wylie is a rising star in the profession (like virtually every other coach hired or being considered right now by Mack Brown) and a source indicated to BON that Wylie is considered in the industry as right up there with Tommy Moffitt as the best in the business. 

Wylie played running back at Sam Houston State in the mid-1990s and was a graduate assistant there afterwards. He has also spent time with the Dallas Cowboys and spent much of the 2000s as the S&C coach at Texas Tech before leaving for Knoxville last season.

Here's more on Wylie from the other day.

Meet Bennie Wylie UT Sports TV.flv (via shizzle093)