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Texas Coaching Changes: Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line

To the initial frustration of many fans, Mack Brown took his time in resetting the University of Texas football coaching staff, but his approach has thus far been rewarding, netting Longhorns one exciting young coach after another. As we wrap up this busy week of hirings, all that remains are the offensive coordinator and offensive line coaching positions.

A deal was thought to be in place between Texas and Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst, one that would have included the hiring of Badgers offensive line coach Bob Bostad, but Chryst's involvement in the Pittsburgh head coaching search has kept the process open, as Mack Brown has continued interviewing and vetting other candidates, setting his sights on Boise State offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin.

As for the offensive line coach, a Chryst-Bostad combo is still possible, and it's believed that Bostad still might come to Texas, with or without Chryst. Beyond Bostad, Texas is thought to be interested in Oklahoma State's Joe Wickline, who would be no less a significant hire than Bostad.

It looks like this is our Final Friday. Who would you rather Texas hire?  Harsin or Chryst?  Bostad or Wickline? Have at it in the comments.